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Gloomful Nights | Fear the Darkness


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Gloomful Nights



     Gloomful Nights is a modpack that is centered around enhancing Minecraft’s already present aspects of survival, rather than covering it with a blanket of tech and magic mods. The mods in this modpack were chosen to make surviving in Minecraft a treacherous, suspenseful experience, while still being fun and exciting. The most prominent change that you will notice about this modpack is that light is scarce. Without a torch at night or in a cave, everything is pitch black, and only the stars in the sky or the eyes of endermen can be seen through the darkness. Extreme environments such as a dark cave, or the dry desert, will be even more dangerous, as you must stay in the right temperature, drink adequate amounts of water, bathe, and sleep to survive. Not only is basic survival hard on it's own, zombies now spawn and travel in hoards and will track you down based on your smell, sound, and by communicating with other zombies, however, you can fight off the zombie threat with an arsenal of medieval weapons that you can dual wield. NPC villages have much better generation with castles and more buildings, and villagers are able to be interacted with, befriended, and even married. While amazing, the mods in this modpack were chosen to stay true to Minecraft's vanilla style. If you love vanilla Minecraft, but want something just a bit more immersive, then try out Gloomful Nights.


Go to THIS link to find the modpack's page. Copy the platform URL and paste it into the Technic Launcher.

Modpack is 100% Optifine Compatible. If you wish to use Optifine in this modpack, download this mod and put it in the Mods folder (http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1272953-1-8-8-optifine-hd-f3-fps-boost-hd-textures)

Mod List:
-Dynamic Sword Skills
-Mine and Blade: Battlegear 2 – Bullseye
-Archimedes Ships
-Big Trees
-Crossbow Mod
-Dragon Mounts
-Dynamic Lighting
-Rotten Flesh to Leather
-Hardcore Darkness
-Holo Inventory
-Hunger Overhaul
-Immibis Core
-Immibis Microblocks
-Infernal Mobs
-Inventory Tweaks
-Minecraft Comes Alive
-Mob Dismemberment
-More Health Enchanted
-Not Enough Items
-Pams Mods
-Pet Bat
-Project Bench
-Project Zulu
-Radix Core
-Ropes Plus
-Shoulder Surfer
-Stalker Creeper
-Balkon’s Weapon Mod
-Zombie Awareness






All of the necessary permissions are listed in the permissions section of the modpack's page, as well as links to the author's website, and the name of the modder.


     If you have decided that you wish to try out Gloomful Nights, then Thank You, as i put a lot of thought into this pack (Although it may not seem that way, because it is still a W.I.P.). I hope that if you enjoy this modpack and even give your feedback about the mods included, and suggest mods that you think should be included.

     On the contrary, if you are looking for a modpack that is filled to the brim with dozens of magical and technological mods, then my other modpack, LetsgetQuest 2, is perfect for you! (Shameless advertisement =P)

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