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Epic Nuclear Power Plant

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This is a updated and remade version of Maurircio Matos's power plant. I have full permsion from Matos to post this map. I also updated it so it can now be played in 3.1.1 instead of 2.1.1. I also added many new things. The powerplant contains 2 reactors with 35 uranium cells each. They are cooled by a duel powered ice macine. The energy is then taken to a storge room with 12 MFSU conected by energy link which leads into a transforming station. The plant also has a breeder reactor which operates at 12k heat. All the reactors and sytems are fully automatted and can run for a full cycle with no player assistence. It also has a central alarm and lock down system as well as a electric lethal electrice fence. It can put out a contnius EV HV MV and LV paccet. Its still under constution and i will post the map when its done.

PS can any one help me upload screenshots from my desktop

Go to http://blackxpanda.imgur.com/all/ to see all the pics



the two reactors


the transforming station


the plant


cooling room

reactor control panel


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