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Greetings fellow Minecrafters,

 We at Wirenut, are looking for fun friendly and enthusiastic beta testers for our modpack! Wirenut is a fun all around modpack, that has a great balance of both tech and magic mods. We would love to invite some new players to our private whitelisted server, to help test the limits of the pack, and also test the limits of our VPS. If you are interested in joining us, Please reply to this thread, answering the following questions.


1. What is your In Game Name?

2. What is your age?

3. What country are you from? (We have a nice balance of players from all over the world)

4. What abilities and qualities can you bring to the Wirenut community?

5. Can we expect you to have a good time, and not be disruptive to others on the server? (we like to have fun, but in a mature way)

6. How often do you play minecraft during the week?

7. Do you have any building skills we should be aware of? For the public release, we will need help with building a nice spawn area, and such)

9. How long have you been playing Modded Minecraft?

10. Any other fun or interesting things you'd like to share about yourself?

and lastly, 11. Have you ever been banned from a server for stealing or griefing?


We are excited to hear from all those interested in testing this pack for us!

If selected, you will be notified via private message, and the server info will be given out at that time.


Thanks for you interest, and we look foreward to hearing from you!


bcbuckles (owner)

Siriuo (co-owner)

and iDarper (head Admin)

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