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Quarry power 'inquarry'


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I'm wondering if it is feasible to power two or more quarries from one MV solar array being split to two MFSU units through 3x insulated HV cables and then having an energy link placed between the quarry and MFSU

(MV array -> 3x HV -> MFSU -> Energy Link -> Quarry)

How many quarries could this setup power?

If I do my math right the energy link would turn the 64 EU/t output into about 57 MJ. Since a quarry needs 18 it seems like I could power 3 quarries, but I'm still learning tekkit so I want to see if there is anything I am missing.


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yes, however both of them will run at below full capacity

energy links suck power like a fat kid getting the last of his coke out of his bottle.

It'll suck like 78 EU I think it is & won't even care. Be careful.


Uh, yeah, energy links and stuff. This post is useful.

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Yeah that's per quarry I'm talking about how much power the Energy Link takes.

If I recall right, when connected to a pipe, it will take as much as it takes to fill the pipe with energy. Generaly, it will take the max packet size. When connected directly to a machine it takes only the amount needed for the machine, but you get a stuttery operation.

Not used them myself, so I can't varify, I would recomend testing yourself.

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