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Hello, I'm the Owner of the Never Ending Day Modded Server, the server is not big yet, but after a couple reviews it got some great feed back. We need help with some plugins and new fresh great ideas, building and some other stuff : )So, if you want to apply for staff, or just help us with some things  please join us.
      If anyone want's to make a Trailer for the server, that would be awesome : )
   Mods: Morgh, Nevermine, Tconstruct, Stev's Cart's... and a Bunch more : )
Technic Launcher ModPack : http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/never-ending-day
 Copy this link and put it into your Technic Launcher Search Bar on the top left of your Technic Launcher MODPACKS. (Do not click on it) The modpack is still not public, but it's getting there.
Server ip: ned.mcph.co
  Have a great day, I hope to see you there : )

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