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IC2: Some cables disconnect on Map load or Server Restart 1.0.10



Same bug as reported fixed in 1.0.8.


Setup a small IC2 factory and restart server or load into Nether then load back in.  Not sure if this was fixed in .8 then broken in 9 or maybe 10. Additional oddities include some cables not disconnecting and others will as shown in the second screen shot.  Sometimes I've noticed that the server doesn't need to be restarted only that the area the machines are in hasn't been loaded in a long time by a player. Any more info needed please reply and I will post it.

The only current fix is to remove all machines and place them back. This sucks if you have a full MFE and when you remove it, it drains the energy to 0. 

Images: http://imgur.com/a/asMNE

Running Latest Tekkit Legends 1.0.10. Latest Java on both server and client. 

Edit: I've noticed that if the machines are not at full power they will not disconnect from the wires. 



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