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Launcher attempts to open Minecraft but crashes.



In Game Bug

9/10 times (first time it worked, after that it doesn't anymore)

Launched Technic Launcher
Clicked "play"on AOTBT
Opened Minecraft Loading Screen

Minecraft should launch

Minecraft Loading Screen "Does not respond", closes and opens Technic Launcher again



Mildly Severe, 1.6.4, Newest Java Version, 64 bits and x64.

Hope you can help, I really want to play on my friend's server. Thanks!

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Added the correct log
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1 hour ago, IlseTheFox said:

Done! Sorry :)

Looks like you got some corrupted configs. Regardless if you are playing singleplayer or multiplayer, make a copy of your saves folder, put that out of the attack of the bteam modpack folder, delete Bteam and install it again. That's pretty much the easiest way. You could attempt to fix the config, but if the buildmod config goes bad, that usually indicates more config file corruption.

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