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The Ender: Now with oil

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So, my friend and I built our Rending Gale's and began heading to the End portal. We got there and got the portal to work. We ended up far from the 'normal' End. So we began flying over and I couldn't help but notice the huge oil reserves in the End. Would it be feasible to use this oil and collect it up over time? We want to keep the overworld 'pure' and not have giant quarrys and such. We do want to have oil in our collection without effecting the world and possible using it to generate IC2 power.


Is oil in the End supposed to happen?

What is the best way to funnel it out(if possible)?

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Sorry for late reply. Yeah, I was thinking of sending it to the Nether to get the Nether ores without the chance of killing me.

Haha, why the hell wouldn't you use geothermal? Nether = Lava. Lava is so much easier to mess with than Oil. Just use 1 or more Geothermal Generators, pipe them into a MFE/MFSU and then into an Energy Link to a Power Teleport pipe and slap your Quarry down anywhere you wish within chunk loading distance (unless you use chunk loaders).

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