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EE and Tekkit

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Jesus. This arguement is bloody huge. I had intended to read all of it, but then I looked at the size of most of the posts, so be warned, I may be repeating points that others have made.

EE can be used well, and not abused. I use it, for the most part, to get minor materials I need, or ones that are annoying to get in large amounts, like sticky resin or feathers. I also use it for making EE items. I don't just dump all my materials into a condenser to make diamond, mostly because I find it annoying to have to use a condenser all the time while making stuff. I find, to me at least, that what attracts me to tekkit is creating machines, or set-ups to do various things. Which is why anyone who wants to can feel free to skip using any other mod and use EE. Their loss, if they want to do things the boring way. I'll be over in my giant tower made of mushrooms designing a blimp that actually moves, complete with bar, cannons, etc. Then again, I play on a private server, so I might just be out of touch with how annoying EE is.

Mushroom blocks. You can't get them any way but by hand, can't condense them. You can condense mushrooms, but you still need to hand harvest them. Other things you can only get by hand: Coffee beans, Hops, and Terra wart.

Not only that but you can't make UU-mattter, Iridium, advanced alloys, nuclear reactor parts, wires, circuits or refined iron by condensing.

IC2 is VERY different from EE2 in how they make their items hard to get.

Dark Matter armor is 17 times more costy than diamond armor.

Nano Armor is actualy much cheaper to make but requires a lot more time and steps.

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Tbh collectors, the huge mobius/aeternalis bombs, and destruction catalyst/catalytic lens are the only particularly overpowered parts. If you cut those out the rest is reasonable for it's cost.

Some might say the condenser is as well, but thaumcraft's equivalent of it costs much less to duplicate diamonds.

Anything else is just exploiting inter-mod interactions like macerating blaze rods/bones to feed into a condenser to create more blaze rods/bones to macerate and condense, the previously mentioned forestry bronze -> BC bronze conversion, etc.

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Holy thread revival Batman. Anyway, the condenser itself is not really overpowered, but it's the collectors that I have a problem with. Also, people can exploit inter-mod interactions because EE is designed for vanilla. A diamond block is actually rather difficult to get when you can't macerate nether gold for a diamond each. Same with thaumcraft condensers. They aren't overpowered, they just seem so because of mod interactions. When you can easily mass produce slime balls, thaumcraft becomes easy.

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