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Please Help (Sry if I sound like a Noob).

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Go here to get started. I don't want to tell you exactly what to do, because if you want to run your own server then you need to learn how to do these things for yourself.

And there yet remains the kind soul willing to believe in the young kitty after all's said and done. I salute you, brave soul; I also wonder how long before you are assimilated into the cynics.

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Cant I just buy a server? I want to know how to get my server to have the Tekkit Mod.

I don't know, can you? This sounds like more of a question for the people you're buying the stuff from. Although if I were Gameservers.com I would run the other direction if you were coming at me with bags of money. The last thing I would want to do is enrage some goober with money who has has no idea what he's doing.

But if they are dumb enough to take your money, which they probably are, you'd just need to make sure that it would be able to host the server files.

Also, since we're talking about making good decisions, allow 50 of your closest newest friends administrative access to it.

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I wouldn't bother making a server. If they have to play on it with you (OP) and with the inevitably terribly crafted rules and server setup that you will create, then nobody of any quality is going to stay there for more than about an hour before bailing out...

So you're better off saving your money for a gold plated porsche or whatever the next thing on your shopping list is.

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