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"If you have seven pies, and someone asks for two of them how many do you have left?"

"uhhh, seven."

*sigh* "Okay, if you have seven pies and someone takes two of them by force, how many do you have?"

"Seven." *glare*

The answer is zero, actually. I hate pie.

"So I see you're all dressed up today."

"Oh hey thanks, I think it looks nice."

"I'm glad we have the theory of relativity, that way we're both right!"

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At least it ain't DE, though.

DE problem is more like:

If the rate of acceleration in the price of fruit in general is 7 times the rate at which bananas grow, find the growth rate of IBM's stock price when within 10.72 miles of the northern most border of Brazil, then integrate the result over -infinity to infinity.

The answer is quite simply the set of all sets, since Brazil has ceased to exist.

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