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[3.1.2]Mulle's Tekkit server[PvP][20 slots][Whitelisted][No plugins][All enabled]


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-Limited PvP

PvP must be discussed between the players, no random PvP.

-Limited griefing and stealing

As said before, the rules of your battle must be discussed before engaging in stealing and/or griefing, no random stealing or griefing.

-No black hole chests

They corrupt data.

Powerflowers are banned

No mods are disabled, please dont misuse this by smashing everything.

There are no plugins.

No items are disabled.

Me and friends thought the server was a little underpopulated, so we opened it for ''public''.

24/7 until 21st october.

I want people that dont beg for items and stuff, the people that are currently playing live as a community, but are still largely independent and thoose who are assholes get instantly kicked.

Whitelist application looks like this, very simple.

Minecraft name:

Preffered mod:

Have you ever been kicked and/or banned before?


I really dont want people under 10. They ussualy grief and always beg for items, tp's and are annoying on chat.

Since the world data got corrupted, i had to start a new one, due to popular demand.

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Minecraft name: pluto7443

Preffered mod: industrial craft machines, but buildcraft pipes and EE armour

Have you ever been kicked and/or banned before? once, a temp ban for something I didn't realize was wrong because there were no signs or rules regarding it

Age: 15

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Random123salad, you wont be getting on. Tekkit isnt a mod, its a mod pack. I feel like you wont be very mature, as you dont seem so smart.

Pluto7443, you are on, so i am a bit concerned about the temp ban, so i have a short fuse with you ok?

Somark28, you are on, but i am concerned about your ban. Very much so.

Arowhead1818, you have been on for quite some time, so you will be staying :)

aaron, you wont be getting on, as i am concerned for how mature you are, based on your horrible spelling.

Nega_skoll, you have been on for some time, you can stay :)

Peanutbutterbob, you are on, your app looks good and i use like your profile pic ;)

Mooshiroom, you are on, i feel like you wont be finding any other EE servers than this.

Donslayer, you are on, nice app.

Peter griffin, you are on.

HeroUltraOmega, you are on, but saying how far away you are from an age isnt needed, and makes you look childish, and desperate.

You will all be on whitelist next restart.

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