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Voltz for Dummies


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The name's Alex and I would want to share with you, wonderful people of the Interwebs, a new serie that I will be starting with a friend of mine. Ever wanted to learn more about the voltz modpack? You like building all kinds of machines for total world annihilation? Good! Then you're in the right place.

Join the adventure of Alex and Yldaron as they try to take over the world with their machines of doom!

Episode I: Establishing a Base of Operations

Alex and his partner in crime Yldaron set up a base of their operations. Their goal: taking over ther world. Will they succeed?...



Episode II: Mining Useful Materials

Alex and Yldaron go on a dangerous quest to mine some materials that are needed for building the machinery.They stumble upon a vast cave system filled with lava lakes and various monsters.Will they survive?....



Episode III: Basic Machinery

Alex and Yldaron start building basic machines in order to simplify their production of materials.



Episode IV: Into the Nether

In this episode both parties make themselves some armour as they prepare themselves for a perilous adventure in the Nether. Will they come back from Hell in once piece or will they be stranded there for ever?...



to be continued

"Oh no, not another let's player"

-Random Hater


"I'll give you 5/7 stars!"

-Alex' Mom

"Mfphhhh Mphhf mhhf!"


I would really appreciate it if you would take your time while watching the videos in order to give some feedback as to how I can improve my videos

Thanks for your time!





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