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Touhou Online ~Master Spark! [1.7.10] ~da ze!


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Touhou Online ~Master Spark!
Modpack Logo
An RPG Modpack by Arekkuusu
The Touhou Project is a series of 2D vertically-scrolling danmaku shooting games made by Team Shanghai Alice, with five fighting game spinoffs co-produced with Twilight Frontier. ~Touhou Wiki


TOUHOU! ~Master Spark!

You spawn in the world of Touhou, with nothing but your hands and a book, dangerous monsters wander the world, and powerful beings rule the lands of Gensokyo; In a world where your skills determine your survival, you must train your body and mind, and make yourself with the best of the best, to defeat your oponents. And when you think you've finally mastered your world, defeated your worst nightmares, and reached the limits of your power, a more powerfull and dangerous being will appear, the only one who can tell you about your past and future... the Shrine Mayden has now come to exterminate you, because at the end, only a human
youkai you are.

This is a Touhou inspired modpack, full of magic, fantastic objects, and of course, Touhou items. This simple modpack gathers some of your favorite mods, and puts them into a cool RPG, you can level up your weapons, gain xp, use powerfull spells, choose a warrior class, kill cirno in just one hit... ok not really, use danmaku to kill your foes and be the strongest hero. It ain't magic if it ain't flashy. Danmaku's all about firepower. If you dont know Touhou dont worry! danmaku is not a must! this is just like a normal a RPG modpack where you level up, get items, collect cards, and fight bosses. If you are tired of playing alone, just do it! make your servers come true! so just do it! play with your friends and have fun~ze!

May the Shrine Maiden be with you



Arekkusu Jerii:




Touhou ~Master Spark!






[Technic Launcher]

Click on the Download Link, it will take you to the Modpack site [Technic Launcher] and you will see a Blue Button "Install This Modpack", click it, it will give a code. In the Technic Launcher, go to the search bar and paste the code given to you before, now click on the Download button and wait for it to download. You are done. Leave a like if you like it :3




[Server][Outdated again :(]

Click on the Download Link, now click the "Download" button. After the download is complete, unzip the file and save it. You can now start the server, open the run file, and enjoy.




Q: The server is not working

A: Make sure you are not missing any files, Specify the problem, or post here the crash report.


Q: I found an error in the Modpack

A: Be sure to update the modpack, if that does not solves the problem post here your crash report or problem found.


Q:Links arent working

A: Mention me in the comments :3

jirkfty.pngCurrent Version: 1.2.1

Touhou ~ Master Spark! version 1.0.1 ~release

Added TexturePack, Key Binding. ModPack is Now Working! :D


Touhou Online ~ Master Spark! version 1.1.9

New Mods! Lots of Items! ~da ze!
Added-- :3
-The wings of Alfheim!
-Levels -- Leveling & Ability Sistems
-Lycanite's MObs - Environmental Mobs
-Xeno's Reliquary
Removed-- :<
Space Core, Survival Wings

Touhou Online ~ Master Spark! version 1.2.0

-Updated some mods
-Fixed missing Textures
-Multiplayer Server for download
-Added surprice mods

Touhou Online ~ Master Spark! version 1.2.1 ~current version

New Update yis!

-Added HQM (Test) [5 lives]

-Added Highlands

-Added Inventory Tweaks

-Added Journey To Gensokyo

-Added FastCraft

Updated to Touhou Items Mod 2.90 [1 hit danmaku kill]


Credits to all the mods! Thanks to all the modders, and the Texture Packs.

Edited by Arekkuusu
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Hey there. I got curious and wanted to give this a shot. So I'll drop some feedbacks some time in the future after playing for a time.

But I'd just like to ask, is the latest version of the touhou items mod working on the server side now?

Since i checked your permissions modlist and saw the version there is the latest one, which I recalled from when it was first updated to that version last may had a crash, something to do with Yuyuko's parasol, so I never did update it to the latest version on my own modpack because there hasn't been a version incrementation since. :<

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