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The Terminal - Preview (Tekkit Adventure Map)


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You may remember a little while ago I posted a little Tekkit adventure map.

It was crap.

This is not.

!! This map will not work with Technic! Use the Tekkit pack by selecting it from the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the launcher. !!










I ended up just making it finishable and pushing it out the door. No point in putting weeks of effort into something no-one is going to see.

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I must say, I didn't expect the almost complete lack of interest I've received. I suppose those screenshots up there are a little bit drab. I'll upload some juicier ones of the newer parts of the map and see if that generates any excitement.


New screenshots in OP. Swanky.

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Yeah, wretched hive of scum and villainy if I ever saw one.


Alright, since I'm getting more or less zero interest in this, I think I'll cut down the effort level just to push it out there. Maybe if anyone says what's left is cool, I'll release a "remastered" version with the supercomputer and redstone CPU and such put back in.

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Oh, sorry, I didn't see your post.

Did you power up the hatch? I assume so, since the cart shouldn't launch 'till the hatch is open.

Just either spawn in some track and put it in the missing bits, or grab a cart, jump onto the tracks (you can get to them from the room where you put the BT battery in by placing a block or just using ninja jumping skillz), give it a little push, and jump in.

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Looks cool! Downloading now!

EDIT: Um, the long distance travel thingy. I had hit the lever, and i got in the cart, so why did it blow up?

EDIT 2: Well i just read the log and feel like an idiot. The hole ting is now blown up and destroyed. ANy ideas?

You can spawn in some high speed track and place it down, or just grab a cart and use a block to get up onto the tracks from the room where you put the BT battery in.


Also, I suggest you turn render distance to Short +16 and Chunk updates to maximum so the credits will load. If I ever re-release this map I'll put them closer to the ground, but at the moment you never actually see them because the game doesn't load them (even with chunkloading blocks, for whatever reason).

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