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Tekkit Legends Crash Upon Clicking On Diamond Block Portal


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Hello, I played Tekkit from another IP other than my home a couple of weeks ago and Tekkit Legends started to constantly crash upon connecting to the server from either location. A New update of Java came out and now I have a slightly different issue. I can connect to the server, but whenever I try to join Tekkit Legends itself it simply crashes. I play on a mac and even tried running it on my brothers PC but the same problem repeated itself. Also, I tried updating Java, allocating more GB, re-downloading the minecraft folder as well as Technic and Tekkit without any success. At this point I think it might be an IP or corrupt block issue that causes a constant loop of information but I'm not very sure. Help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


That previous file was a crash report from my brothers PC, this other one is from my mac if it makes any difference


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