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What programming language was used to make "30 Flights Of Loving"?


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I was wondering if anyone knew (or could tell me how to tell) what the game "30 Flights Of Loving" was programmed in. It has a blocky look to it (forget the term but whatever) here's a screenshot so you understand...


Anyway what programming language do you think it was made in? the reason I ask is because well I just want to know.

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From http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-08-23-thirty-flights-of-loving-review

Only the blocky looks of this one-man Quake 2 engine mod could be called crude or self-conscious - and uncharitably at that.

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quake_II_engine

C, x86 assembly (software rendering)

So C and x86 assembly (which you'll love to death or hate with a passion - speaking from experience)

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You are however forgetting that the dude(s?) at Blendo have employed an enormous number of tricks to get their game looking as good as it does.

They custom built a hilarious number of tools to do all the lightmaps and post processing.

While I'm sure you have the intelligence to get a playable game out of this engine, I wish you any luck getting it to look like a 21st Century game.

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It's rather hit and miss.

What old engines offer is an enormous amount of plugins and documentation.

What newer engines offer is visual programming, better content pipelines and rapid prototyping.

I am currently creating a videogame using the Unreal 3 engine, and am having a whale of a time.

Rapid prototyping is exactly what I need as I'm new to a lot of techniques, and often need to experiment,

without having to wait half an hour for the level to compile.

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