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How To: 'Fix' (Centre) The New YouTube Layout.


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...A video guide. Really?

Here's an idea, take the ten seconds to direct Chrome and Opera users directly to your userscript. (Chrome users will need to download the .js file, then open the folder that the file was downloaded to, then click on the 4 bars in the upper-right hand corner of their browser, select tools > extensions, left click, then drag and drop the .js file into your extensions browser.)

Firefox users will need to install Greasemonkey first, and there is a guide to do so at the provided link. (Click on "How do I use this?")

This is far more helpful and contains orders of magnitude more effort than your post does.

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You do realise, a LOT of people will not understand what you are talking about. I made this video for people who are unfamiliar, or not knowledgable about scripts/computing. If you can do it a better way, that's fine, do it your way. I did not make this video especially for you, I made it for the world, and it's helped many people. /thread

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Um no, not /thread. I put it in a perfectly understandable way.

Yes, you did. But novice users, you know, the ones that don't know how to use computers very well? They prefer video tutorials. Also, I like them myself.

I'll be honest, every comment i've seen of yours is either negative, or plain arrogant. Or both. So I won't bother with trying to explain anymore. Just because it doesn't fit YOUR needs, doesn't mean it won't help anybody else.

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So you're stalking my comment history? Nice.

I'm a snarky bugger. Too bad. I'm not arrogant, I just like to pee on people who present themselves in a manner than makes them look dumb.

And there are a lot of people like that here.

you called?

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dragonshardz, you post dumb shit all the time. the guy has a point.

OP, even using the phrase/word "/thread" is basically the definition of being arrogant. but you're right, that kettle is so black.

I post dumb shit all the time?

I suppose "all the time" means "over the past week", then?

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