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SurvivalRefurbished; A new survival-oriented, Man v.s. Wild experience!


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Hey there! I'm very excited about my new modpack, Survival Refurbished! It's already got just over one hundred installs!

The pack is all about realistic survival, as the title suggests. It adds mods like Essential Nourishment, Smart Moving, Cannibalism, Mo'Creatures (but only for the realistic animals), Reforged,  Weather 2, and many more. A full list of mods and creators can be found on the website or the Technic Page. (check out the site while you're there!) :)

If you're just looking for general features and things, here is a showcase I've made on my YouTube channel!

I'm always looking for friendly people to play online with, so I've created a server package and everything so that you can play with your friends. Let me know through my site if you've created a Survival Refurbished server and I will be more than happy to log in and check it out!

Please check out the pack if it sounds like your cup of tea! Maybe you'll love it like I do!

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