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Alright, here's the trouble:

Upon pressing play in any modpack (vanilla works) the launcher seemingly goes through the normal launching processes, hides itself, then reappears, having launched nothing.

link to my log

the modpack i initially tried is the 1.7.10 pack. I added a few other mods, but yeah. The strangest thing is it worked just fine yesterday, and i've done nothing to it since.


Things i've tried:

Turning it off and on again

reinstalling modpack

blaming the burgeoisie

turning my computer off and on again 

reinstalling launcher

reinstalling CodeChickenCore (wild hunch)

blaming Obama

launching the same modpack on a different computer on the same wifi (works just fine, much to my wife's amusement and my despair)

and i compared my log to that of one other dude who had a similar error, to no avail.


Does anyone know what's wrong? Or better yet, how to fix it?

I'm terribly sorry: i realised the proper place for this post. If a mod would kindly delete it, i'll post it anew in the proper place.

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Don't allocate 8GB of ram, reduce that to 2-4GB. 

If you still have trouble, can you paste the log from  C:\Users\Roweno\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks\the-1710-pack\crashlogs ?

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Thanks, i realised the error. It was something to do with the newest Nvidia driver. I rolled back the driver and it worked fine. 

(btw, the reason for the large amount of ram allocated is that i play two players on a lan-opened singleplayer world)

also, there was no crash log. it didn't crash. it never started. apparently. 

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