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Willing to host modded servers for *FREE*


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Hosting Servers for *FREE*

Hello, my dear friends, my name is HeroicGinger and I am working on starting a hosting service 

My goal is to allow more modded servers to come up and to provide a fun experience for everyone

I will be providing *FREE* Startup servers basicly for the first TWO months I will be 

providing *FREE*. *After TWO months from the start date I will start charging for the server.

Server Pricing

  • 2GB $4USD
  • 4GB $8USD
  • 5GB $10USD
  • 6GB $13USD
  • 8GB $16USD
  • 10GB $18USD
  • 12GB $22USD      

I hope to hear from you all soon and can't wait to see what servers you create. I don't mind helping setup servers if I have time as well as if you wanna do some YouTube videos just let me know. My email is [email protected]

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