[HELP] Custom modpack crashes after finishing loading

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Modpack link:

Modpack opens and begins loading, but right as it finishes and it should go to the main menu, it crashes. 

Crash Log: 

---- Minecraft Crash Report ----

WARNING: coremods are present:
  CorePlugin (MrTJPCore-1.10.2-
  ShetiPhian-ASM (shetiphiancore-1.10.0-3.3.11.jar)
  CoreMod (Aroma1997Core-1.9.4-
  CoFH Loading Plugin (CoFHCore-1.10.2-
  EnderCorePlugin (EnderCore-1.10.2-
  AppEngLoadingPlugin (appliedenergistics2-rv4-stable-1.jar)
  IC2core (industrialcraft-2-2.6.252-ex110.jar)
  weaponlib (mw-1.11.6_mc1.10.2.jar)
  CCLCorePlugin (CodeChickenLib-1.10.2-
  ForgelinPlugin (Forgelin-1.6.0.jar)
  LoadingPlugin (Quark-r1.1-70.jar)
  OpenModsCorePlugin (OpenModsLib-1.10.2-0.11.5.jar)
  RebornCoreASM (RebornCore-1.10.2-
  FMLPlugin (InventoryTweaks-1.61-58.jar)
  AppleCore (AppleCore-mc1.10.2-3.1.1.jar)
  CTMCorePlugin (CTM-MC1.10.2-
Contact their authors BEFORE contacting forge

// Sorry :(

Time: 5/17/18 8:20 PM
Description: Initializing game

java.lang.NullPointerException: Initializing game
    at net.minecraft.client.renderer.block.model.ModelBakery.func_177596_a(
    at net.minecraftforge.client.model.ModelLoader.func_177590_d(
    at net.minecraft.client.renderer.block.model.ModelBakery.func_177577_b(
    at net.minecraftforge.client.model.ModelLoader.func_177570_a(
    at net.minecraft.client.renderer.block.model.ModelManager.func_110549_a(
    at net.minecraft.client.resources.SimpleReloadableResourceManager.func_110542_a(
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71384_a(
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_99999_d(
    at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.main(SourceFile:124)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
    at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch.launch(
    at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch.main(

A detailed walkthrough of the error, its code path and all known details is as follows:

-- Head --
Thread: Client thread
    at net.minecraft.client.renderer.block.model.ModelBakery.func_177596_a(
    at net.minecraftforge.client.model.ModelLoader.func_177590_d(
    at net.minecraft.client.renderer.block.model.ModelBakery.func_177577_b(
    at net.minecraftforge.client.model.ModelLoader.func_177570_a(
    at net.minecraft.client.renderer.block.model.ModelManager.func_110549_a(
    at net.minecraft.client.resources.SimpleReloadableResourceManager.func_110542_a(
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71384_a(

-- Initialization --
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_99999_d(
    at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.main(SourceFile:124)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
    at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch.launch(
    at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch.main(

-- System Details --
    Minecraft Version: 1.10.2
    Operating System: Mac OS X (x86_64) version 10.13.4
    Java Version: 1.8.0_171, Oracle Corporation
    Java VM Version: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (mixed mode), Oracle Corporation
    Memory: 3682590136 bytes (3511 MB) / 6442450944 bytes (6144 MB) up to 6442450944 bytes (6144 MB)
    JVM Flags: 4 total; -Xms6144m -Xmx6144m -XX:+UseG1GC -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=4
    IntCache: cache: 0, tcache: 0, allocated: 0, tallocated: 0
    FML: MCP 9.32 Powered by Forge 122 mods loaded, 122 mods active
    States: 'U' = Unloaded 'L' = Loaded 'C' = Constructed 'H' = Pre-initialized 'I' = Initialized 'J' = Post-initialized 'A' = Available 'D' = Disabled 'E' = Errored
    UCH    mcp{9.19} [Minecraft Coder Pack] (minecraft.jar) 
    UCH    FML{} [Forge Mod Loader] (modpack.jar) 
    UCH    Forge{} [Minecraft Forge] (modpack.jar) 
    UCH    appliedenergistics2-core{rv4-stable-1} [Applied Energistics 2 Core] (minecraft.jar) 
    UCH    Aroma1997Core{${version}} [Aroma1997Core] (Aroma1997Core-1.9.4- 
    UCH    openmodscore{0.11.5} [OpenModsLib Core] (minecraft.jar) 
    UCH    <CoFH ASM>{000} [CoFH ASM] (minecraft.jar) 
    UCH    ccl-entityhook{1.0} [ccl-entityhook] (CodeChickenLib-1.10.2- 
    UCH    infinitylib{1.10.2-0.11.0} [InfinityLib] (infinitylib-0.11.0.jar) 
    UCH    agricraft{2.0.0-0.11.0-a21} [AgriCraft] (agricraft-2.0.0-0.11.0-a21.jar) 
    UCH    Baubles{1.3.13} [Baubles] (Baubles-1.10.2-1.3.13.jar) 
    UCH    JEI{} [Just Enough Items] (jei_1.10.2- 
    UCH    extrautils2{1.0} [Extra Utilities 2] (extrautils2-1.10.2-1.7.6.jar) 
    UCH    flyringbaublemod{0.2.4_1.10.2-d71eb9e} [AngelRing 2 Bauble] (angelRingToBauble-1.10.2- 
    UCH    AppleCore{3.1.1} [AppleCore] (AppleCore-mc1.10.2-3.1.1.jar) 
    UCH    appleskin{1.0.9} [AppleSkin] (AppleSkin-mc1.10.2-1.0.9.jar) 
    UCH    appliedenergistics2{rv4-stable-1} [Applied Energistics 2] (appliedenergistics2-rv4-stable-1.jar) 
    UCH    Aroma1997CoreHelper{} [Aroma1997Core|Helper] (Aroma1997Core-1.9.4- 
    UCH    Aroma1997sDimension{1.0} [Aroma1997's Dimensional World] (Aroma1997s-Dimensional-World-1.9.4- 
    UCH    Quark{r1.1-70} [Quark] (Quark-r1.1-70.jar) 
    UCH    AutoRegLib{1.0-2} [AutoRegLib] (AutoRegLib-1.0-2.jar) 
    UCH    bdlib{} [BD Lib] (bdlib- 
    UCH    BiblioCraft{2.2.5} [BiblioCraft] (BiblioCraft[v2.2.5][MC1.10.2].jar) 
    UCH    guideapi{@[email protected]} [Guide-API] (Guide-API-1.10.2-2.0.3-46.jar) 
    UCH    BloodMagic{1.10.2-2.1.11-80} [Blood Magic: Alchemical Wizardry] (BloodMagic-1.10.2-2.1.11-80.jar) 
    UCH    boosterrockets{1.0.2} [BoosterRockets] (BoosterRockets-1.10.2-1.1.0.jar) 
    UCH    Botania{r1.9-341} [Botania] (Botania r1.9-341.jar) 
    UCH    Chameleon{1.10.2-2.3.0} [Chameleon] (Chameleon-1.10.2-2.3.0.jar) 
    UCH    CodeChickenLib{} [CodeChicken Lib] (CodeChickenLib-1.10.2- 
    UCH    CodeChickenCore{} [CodeChicken Core] (CodeChickenCore-1.10.2- 
    UCH    ChickenChunks{} [ChickenChunks] (ChickenChunks-1.10.2- 
    UCH    chickens{4.3.2} [Chickens] (chickens-4.3.2.jar) 
    UCH    ctm{MC1.10.2-} [CTM] (CTM-MC1.10.2- 
    UCH    chisel{MC1.10.2-} [Chisel] (Chisel-MC1.10.2- 
    UCH    mcmultipart{1.4.0} [MCMultiPart] (MCMultiPart-1.4.0-universal.jar) 
    UCH    chiselsandbits{12.18} [Chisels & Bits] (chiselsandbits-12.18.jar) 
    UCH    shadowmc{3.6.1} [ShadowMC] (ShadowMC-1.10.2-3.6.1.jar) 
    UCH    clipboard{@[email protected]} [Clipboard] (Clipboard-1.10.2-1.1.1.jar) 
    UCH    cofhcore{4.1.12} [CoFH Core] (CoFHCore-1.10.2- 
    UCH    IC2{2.6.252-ex110} [IndustrialCraft 2] (industrialcraft-2-2.6.252-ex110.jar) 
    UCH    compactsolars{1.10.2-} [Compact Solar Arrays] (CompactSolars-1.10.2- 
    UCH    endercore{1.10.2-} [EnderCore] (EnderCore-1.10.2- 
    UCH    Waila{1.8.17-B31_1.10.2} [Waila] (Hwyla-1.8.17-B31_1.10.2.jar) 
    UCH    EnderIO{1.10.2-3.1.193} [Ender IO] (EnderIO-1.10.2-3.1.193.jar) 
    UCH    compatlayer{0.3.1} [compatlayer] (compatlayer-1.10-0.3.1.jar) 
    UCH    cosmeticarmorreworked{1.10.2-v2a} [CosmeticArmorReworked] (CosmeticArmorReworked-1.10.2-v2a.jar) 
    UCH    csaddle{1.2} [Craftable Saddles] (Craftable Saddles 1.2.jar) 
    UCH    elevatorid{1.3.0} [Elevator Mod] (ElevatorMod[V.1.3.0][MC.1.10.2].jar) 
    UCH    EnderStorage{} [EnderStorage] (EnderStorage-1.10.2- 
    UCH    shetiphiancore{3.3.11} [ShetiPhian-Core] (shetiphiancore-1.10.0-3.3.11.jar) 
    UCH    endertanks{1.4.13} [EnderTanks] (endertanks-1.10.0-1.4.13.jar) 
    UCH    Mekanism{9.2.4} [Mekanism] (Mekanism-1.10.2- 
    UCH    minefactoryreloaded{2.9.0B1} [MineFactory Reloaded] (MineFactoryReloaded-[1.10.2]2.9.0B1-226.jar) 
    UCH    thermalfoundation{2.1.5} [Thermal Foundation] (ThermalFoundation-1.10.2- 
    UCH    thermalexpansion{5.1.10} [Thermal Expansion] (ThermalExpansion-1.10.2- 
    UCH    zerocore{1.10.2-} [Zero CORE] (zerocore-1.10.2- 
    UCH    bigreactors{1.10.2-} [Extreme Reactors] (ExtremeReactors-1.10.2- 
    UCH    FastLeaveDecay{1.2.3} [Fast Leave Decay] (FastLeaveDecay-MC1.10.2-1.2.3.jar) 
    UCH    forestry{} [Forestry] (forestry_1.10.2- 
    UCH    forgelin{1.6.0} [Shadowfacts' Forgelin] (Forgelin-1.6.0.jar) 
    UCH    forgemultipartcbe{} [Forge Multipart CBE] (ForgeMultipart-1.10.2- 
    UCH    microblockcbe{} [Forge Microblocks] (ForgeMultipart-1.10.2- 
    UCH    minecraftmultipartcbe{} [Minecraft Multipart Plugin] (ForgeMultipart-1.10.2- 
    UCH    ftbl{0.0.0} [FTBLib] (FTBLib-1.1x-3.6.5.jar) 
    UCH    ftbu{0.0.0} [FTBUtilities] (FTBUtilities-1.1x-3.6.5.jar) 
    UCH    gendustry{} [GenDustry] (gendustry- 
    UCH    hatchery{0.3.22} [Hatchery] (hatchery-1.10.2-0.3.22.jar) 
    UCH    HungerInPeace{1.0.0} [Hunger In Peace] (HungerInPeace-mc1.9.4-1.0.0.jar) 
    UCH    ichunutil{6.5.0} [iChunUtil] (iChunUtil-1.10.2-6.5.0.jar) 
    UCH    mantle{1.10.2-} [Mantle] (Mantle-1.10.2-1.1.5.jar) 
    UCH    tconstruct{1.10.2-} [Tinkers' Construct] (TConstruct-1.10.2-2.6.5.jar) 
    UCH    immersiveengineering{0.10-61} [Immersive Engineering] (ImmersiveEngineering-0.10-61.jar) 
    UCH    immersivepetroleum{1.1.3} [Immersive Petroleum] (immersivepetroleum-1.10.2-1.1.3.jar) 
    UCH    inventorytweaks{1.61-58-a1fd884} [Inventory Tweaks] (InventoryTweaks-1.61-58.jar) 
    UCH    ironbackpacks{1.10.2-2.2.33} [Iron Backpacks] (IronBackpacks-1.10.2-2.2.33.jar) 
    UCH    ironchest{1.10.2-} [Iron Chest] (ironchest-1.10.2- 
    UCH    journeymap{1.10.2-5.5.2} [JourneyMap] (journeymap-1.10.2-5.5.2.jar) 
    UCH    kleeslabs{3.3.5} [KleeSlabs] (KleeSlabs_1.10.2-3.3.5.jar) 
    UCH    lootbags{2.5.0} [Loot Bags] (LootBags-1.10.2-2.5.0.jar) 
    UCH    mcjtylib_ng{2.5.3} [McJtyLib] (mcjtylib-1.1x-2.5.3.jar) 
    UCH    MekanismGenerators{9.2.4} [MekanismGenerators] (MekanismGenerators-1.10.2- 
    UCH    MekanismTools{9.2.4} [MekanismTools] (MekanismTools-1.10.2- 
    UCH    MineFactoryReloaded|CompatVanilla{2.9.0B1} [MFR Compat: Vanilla] (MineFactoryReloaded-[1.10.2]2.9.0B1-226.jar) 
    UCH    minicoal{1.1.0} [MiniCoal] (minicoal-1.1.0.jar) 
    UCH    testdummy{1.11} [MmmMmmMmmMmm] (MmmMmmMmmMmm-1.10.2-1.13.jar) 
    UCH    mob_grinding_utils{} [mob_grinding_utils] (MobGrindingUtils- 
    UCH    craftelytra{1.1} [Craftable Elytra] (modid-1.1-1.10.2.jar) 
    UCH    StorageDrawers{1.10.2-3.7.10} [Storage Drawers] (StorageDrawers-1.10.2-3.7.10.jar) 
    UCH    refinedstorage{1.2.26} [Refined Storage] (refinedstorage-1.2.26.jar) 
    UCH    morechickens{1.1.7} [More Chickens] (MoreChickens-1.10.2-1.1.7.jar) 
    UCH    Morpheus{1.10.2-3.1.13} [Morpheus] (Morpheus-1.10.2-3.1.13.jar) 
    UCH    MrTJPCoreMod{} [MrTJPCore] (MrTJPCore-1.10.2- 
    UCH    mw{1.11.5} [Modern Warfare] (mw-1.11.6_mc1.10.2.jar) 
    UCH    omlib{3.0.0-137} [OMLib] (omlib-1.10.2-3.0.0-137.jar) 
    UCH    openmods{0.11.5} [OpenModsLib] (OpenModsLib-1.10.2-0.11.5.jar) 
    UCH    openblocks{1.7.6} [OpenBlocks] (OpenBlocks-1.10.2-1.7.6.jar) 
    UCH    openmodularturrets{3.0.0-240} [Open Modular Turrets] (openmodularturrets-1.10.2-3.0.0-240.jar) 
    UCH    oreexcavation{1.2.116} [OreExcavation] (OreExcavation-1.2.116.jar) 
    UCH    harvestcraft{1.10.2j} [Pam's HarvestCraft] (Pam's HarvestCraft 1.10.2j.jar) 
    UCH    projectred-core{} [ProjectRed Core] (ProjectRed-1.10.2- 
    UCH    projectred-integration{} [ProjectRed integration] (ProjectRed-1.10.2- 
    UCH    projectred-transmission{} [ProjectRed Transmission] (ProjectRed-1.10.2- 
    UCH    projectred-illumination{} [ProjectRed Illumination] (ProjectRed-1.10.2- 
    UCH    projectred-expansion{} [ProjectRed Expansion] (ProjectRed-1.10.2- 
    UCH    projectred-transportation{} [ProjectRed Transportation] (ProjectRed-1.10.2- 
    UCH    railcraft{10.3.1} [Railcraft] (Railcraft_1.10.2-10.3.1.jar) 
    UCH    reborncore{} [RebornCore] (RebornCore-1.10.2- 
    UCH    reborncore-mcmultipart{} [reborncore-MCMultiPart] (RebornCore-1.10.2- 
    UCH    rebornstorage{1.0.0} [RebornStorage] (RebornStorage-1.10.2- 
    UCH    redstonearsenal{2.1.3} [Redstone Arsenal] (RedstoneArsenal-1.10.2- 
    UCH    rftools{7.16} [RFTools] (rftools-1.1x-7.16.jar) 
    UCH    simplyjetpacks{} [Simply Jetpacks 2] (SimplyJetpacks2-1.10.2- 
    UCH    snad{1.10.2-} [Snad] (Snad-1.10.2- 
    UCH    SpiceOfLife{1.3.11} [The Spice of Life] (SpiceOfLife-mc1.9.4-1.3.11.jar) 
    UCH    thermaldynamics{2.0.11} [Thermal Dynamics] (ThermalDynamics-1.10.2- 
    UCH    tinkertoolleveling{1.10.2-1.0.1.DEV.f5def58} [Tinkers Tool Leveling] (TinkerToolLeveling-1.10.2-1.0.1.jar) 
    UCH    tp{1.2.5} [Tiny Progressions] (tinyprogressions-1.10.2-1.2.6.jar) 
    UCH    WailaHarvestability{1.1.10} [Waila Harvestability] (WailaHarvestability-mc1.10.2-1.1.10.jar) 
    UCH    icse{} [I Can See Everything] (Wawla-1.10.2- 
    UCH    wawla{} [What Are We Looking At] (Wawla-1.10.2- 
    UCH    waystones{2.0.13} [Waystones] (Waystones_1.10.2-2.0.13.jar) 
    UCH    xnet{1.5.0} [XNet] (xnet-1.5.0.jar) 
    Loaded coremods (and transformers): 
CorePlugin (MrTJPCore-1.10.2-
ShetiPhian-ASM (shetiphiancore-1.10.0-3.3.11.jar)
CoreMod (Aroma1997Core-1.9.4-
CoFH Loading Plugin (CoFHCore-1.10.2-
EnderCorePlugin (EnderCore-1.10.2-
AppEngLoadingPlugin (appliedenergistics2-rv4-stable-1.jar)
IC2core (industrialcraft-2-2.6.252-ex110.jar)
weaponlib (mw-1.11.6_mc1.10.2.jar)
CCLCorePlugin (CodeChickenLib-1.10.2-
ForgelinPlugin (Forgelin-1.6.0.jar)
LoadingPlugin (Quark-r1.1-70.jar)
OpenModsCorePlugin (OpenModsLib-1.10.2-0.11.5.jar)
RebornCoreASM (RebornCore-1.10.2-
FMLPlugin (InventoryTweaks-1.61-58.jar)
AppleCore (AppleCore-mc1.10.2-3.1.1.jar)
CTMCorePlugin (CTM-MC1.10.2-
    GL info: ' Vendor: 'ATI Technologies Inc.' Version: '2.1 ATI-1.66.31' Renderer: 'AMD Radeon HD 6770M OpenGL Engine'
    OpenModsLib class transformers: [pre_world_render_hook:FINISHED],[movement_callback:FINISHED],[player_damage_hook:FINISHED],[map_gen_fix:ENABLED],[player_render_hook:FINISHED],[horse_null_fix:FINISHED]
    AE2 Version: stable rv4-stable-1 for Forge
    minefactoryreloaded: -[1.10.2]2.9.0B1-226
    Pulsar/tconstruct loaded Pulses: 
        - TinkerCommons (Enabled/Forced)
        - TinkerWorld (Enabled/Not Forced)
        - TinkerTools (Enabled/Not Forced)
        - TinkerHarvestTools (Enabled/Forced)
        - TinkerMeleeWeapons (Enabled/Forced)
        - TinkerRangedWeapons (Enabled/Forced)
        - TinkerModifiers (Enabled/Forced)
        - TinkerSmeltery (Enabled/Not Forced)
        - TinkerGadgets (Enabled/Not Forced)
        - TinkerOredict (Enabled/Forced)
        - TinkerIntegration (Enabled/Forced)
        - TinkerFluids (Enabled/Forced)
        - TinkerMaterials (Enabled/Forced)
        - TinkerModelRegister (Enabled/Forced)
        - chiselsandbitsIntegration (Enabled/Not Forced)
        - WailaIntegration (Enabled/Not Forced)

    List of loaded APIs: 
        * AgriCraftAPI (1.0) from agricraft-2.0.0-0.11.0-a21.jar
        * AppleCoreAPI (3.1.0) from AppleCore-mc1.10.2-3.1.1.jar
        * appliedenergistics2|API (rv4) from appliedenergistics2-rv4-stable-1.jar
        * Baubles|API ( from Baubles-1.10.2-1.3.13.jar
        * bigreactors|API (4.0.1) from ExtremeReactors-1.10.2-
        * BloodMagic|API (@[email protected]) from BloodMagic-1.10.2-2.1.11-80.jar
        * BotaniaAPI (85) from Botania r1.9-341.jar
        * Chisel-API (0.0.1) from Chisel-MC1.10.2-
        * ChiselAPI|Carving (0.0.1) from Chisel-MC1.10.2-
        * ChiselsAndBitsAPI (12.10.0) from chiselsandbits-12.18.jar
        * CoFHAPI (1.8.9R1.2.0B1) from refinedstorage-1.2.26.jar
        * cofhapi (1.7.0) from CoFHCore-1.10.2-
        * cofhapi|block (1.7.0) from CoFHCore-1.10.2-
        * cofhapi|core (1.7.0) from CoFHCore-1.10.2-
        * CoFHAPI|energy (1.8.9R1.2.0B1) from Mekanism-1.10.2-
        * cofhapi|energy (1.5.0) from SimplyJetpacks2-1.10.2-
        * CoFHAPI|item (1.8.9R1.2.0B1) from Mekanism-1.10.2-
        * cofhapi|item (1.6.0) from zerocore-1.10.2-
        * cofhapi|tileentity (1.6.0) from zerocore-1.10.2-
        * cofhapi|util (1.6.0) from zerocore-1.10.2-
        * cofhlib (1.7.6) from CoFHCore-1.10.2-
        * cofhlib|audio (1.7.6) from CoFHCore-1.10.2-
        * cofhlib|gui (1.7.6) from CoFHCore-1.10.2-
        * cofhlib|gui|container (1.7.6) from CoFHCore-1.10.2-
        * cofhlib|gui|element (1.7.6) from CoFHCore-1.10.2-
        * cofhlib|gui|element|listbox (1.7.6) from CoFHCore-1.10.2-
        * cofhlib|gui|slot (1.7.6) from CoFHCore-1.10.2-
        * cofhlib|inventory (1.7.6) from CoFHCore-1.10.2-
        * cofhlib|util (1.7.6) from CoFHCore-1.10.2-
        * cofhlib|util|helpers (1.7.6) from CoFHCore-1.10.2-
        * cofhlib|world (1.7.6) from CoFHCore-1.10.2-
        * cofhlib|world|feature (1.7.6) from CoFHCore-1.10.2-
        * ComputerCraft|API (1.80pr0) from zerocore-1.10.2-
        * ComputerCraft|API|FileSystem (1.80pr0) from zerocore-1.10.2-
        * ComputerCraft|API|Lua (1.80pr0) from zerocore-1.10.2-
        * ComputerCraft|API|Media (1.80pr0) from zerocore-1.10.2-
        * ComputerCraft|API|Peripheral (1.80pr0) from zerocore-1.10.2-
        * ComputerCraft|API|Permissions (1.80pr0) from zerocore-1.10.2-
        * ComputerCraft|API|Redstone (1.80pr0) from zerocore-1.10.2-
        * ComputerCraft|API|Turtle (1.80pr0) from zerocore-1.10.2-
        * ctm-api (0.1.0) from CTM-MC1.10.2-
        * ctm-api-models (0.1.0) from CTM-MC1.10.2-
        * ctm-api-textures (0.1.0) from CTM-MC1.10.2-
        * ctm-api-utils (0.1.0) from CTM-MC1.10.2-
        * EnderIOAPI (0.0.2) from EnderIO-1.10.2-3.1.193.jar
        * EnderIOAPI|Redstone (0.0.2) from EnderIO-1.10.2-3.1.193.jar
        * EnderIOAPI|Teleport (0.0.2) from EnderIO-1.10.2-3.1.193.jar
        * EnderIOAPI|Tools (0.0.2) from EnderIO-1.10.2-3.1.193.jar
        * ForestryAPI|apiculture (5.0.0) from forestry_1.10.2-
        * ForestryAPI|arboriculture (4.2.1) from forestry_1.10.2-
        * ForestryAPI|circuits (3.1.0) from forestry_1.10.2-
        * ForestryAPI|climate (2.1.0) from forestry_1.10.2-
        * ForestryAPI|core (5.1.0) from forestry_1.10.2-
        * ForestryAPI|farming (2.1.0) from forestry_1.10.2-
        * ForestryAPI|food (1.1.0) from forestry_1.10.2-
        * ForestryAPI|fuels (3.0.0) from forestry_1.10.2-
        * ForestryAPI|genetics (4.7.1) from forestry_1.10.2-
        * ForestryAPI|greenhouse (5.2.0) from forestry_1.10.2-
        * ForestryAPI|hives (4.1.0) from forestry_1.10.2-
        * ForestryAPI|lepidopterology (1.3.0) from forestry_1.10.2-
        * ForestryAPI|mail (3.1.0) from forestry_1.10.2-
        * ForestryAPI|multiblock (3.0.0) from forestry_1.10.2-
        * ForestryAPI|recipes (5.4.0) from forestry_1.10.2-
        * ForestryAPI|storage (5.0.0) from forestry_1.10.2-
        * ForestryAPI|world (2.1.0) from forestry_1.10.2-
        * gendustryAPI (2.3.0) from gendustry-
        * Guide-API|API (1.10.2-2.0.3-46) from Guide-API-1.10.2-2.0.3-46.jar
        * HatcheryAPI (1.10.2R1.0.0) from hatchery-1.10.2-0.3.22.jar
        * iChunUtil API (1.2.0) from iChunUtil-1.10.2-6.5.0.jar
        * ImmersiveEngineering|API (1.0) from ImmersiveEngineering-0.10-61.jar
        * ImmersiveEngineering|ImmersiveFluxAPI (1.0) from ImmersiveEngineering-0.10-61.jar
        * IronBackpacks|API (0.5) from IronBackpacks-1.10.2-2.2.33.jar
        * journeymap|client-api (1.4) from journeymap-1.10.2-5.5.2.jar
        * journeymap|client-api-display (1.4) from journeymap-1.10.2-5.5.2.jar
        * journeymap|client-api-event (1.4) from journeymap-1.10.2-5.5.2.jar
        * journeymap|client-api-model (1.4) from journeymap-1.10.2-5.5.2.jar
        * journeymap|client-api-util (1.4) from journeymap-1.10.2-5.5.2.jar
        * JustEnoughItemsAPI (4.10.1) from jei_1.10.2-
        * MekanismAPI|core (9.0.0) from Mekanism-1.10.2-
        * MekanismAPI|energy (9.0.0) from Mekanism-1.10.2-
        * MekanismAPI|gas (9.0.0) from Mekanism-1.10.2-
        * MekanismAPI|infuse (9.0.0) from Mekanism-1.10.2-
        * MekanismAPI|laser (9.0.0) from Mekanism-1.10.2-
        * MekanismAPI|transmitter (9.0.0) from Mekanism-1.10.2-
        * MekanismAPI|util (9.0.0) from Mekanism-1.10.2-
        * openblocks|api (1.2) from OpenBlocks-1.10.2-1.7.6.jar
        * railcraft:API|core (3.2.0) from Railcraft_1.10.2-10.3.1.jar
        * RailcraftAPI|bore (2.0.0) from Railcraft_1.10.2-10.3.1.jar
        * RailcraftAPI|carts (2.1.0) from Railcraft_1.10.2-10.3.1.jar
        * RailcraftAPI|charge (3.2.0) from Railcraft_1.10.2-10.3.1.jar
        * RailcraftAPI|crafting (2.0.0) from Railcraft_1.10.2-10.3.1.jar
        * RailcraftAPI|events (2.0.0) from Railcraft_1.10.2-10.3.1.jar
        * RailcraftAPI|fuel (2.0.0) from Railcraft_1.10.2-10.3.1.jar
        * RailcraftAPI|helpers (2.0.0) from Railcraft_1.10.2-10.3.1.jar
        * RailcraftAPI|items (2.4.0) from Railcraft_1.10.2-10.3.1.jar
        * RailcraftAPI|locomotive (2.0.0) from Railcraft_1.10.2-10.3.1.jar
        * RailcraftAPI|signals (4.0.0) from Railcraft_1.10.2-10.3.1.jar
        * RailcraftAPI|tracks (5.1.1) from Railcraft_1.10.2-10.3.1.jar
        * reborncoreAPI ( from RebornCore-1.10.2-
        * reborncoreAPI|Fuel ( from RebornCore-1.10.2-
        * reborncoreAPI|Power ( from RebornCore-1.10.2-
        * reborncoreAPI|Recipe ( from RebornCore-1.10.2-
        * reborncoreAPI|Tile ( from RebornCore-1.10.2-
        * StorageDrawersAPI (1.10.2-1.3.0) from StorageDrawers-1.10.2-3.7.10.jar
        * StorageDrawersAPI|config (1.10.2-1.3.0) from StorageDrawers-1.10.2-3.7.10.jar
        * StorageDrawersAPI|event (1.7.10-1.2.0) from refinedstorage-1.2.26.jar
        * StorageDrawersAPI|inventory (1.10.2-1.3.0) from StorageDrawers-1.10.2-3.7.10.jar
        * StorageDrawersAPI|pack (1.10.2-1.3.0) from StorageDrawers-1.10.2-3.7.10.jar
        * StorageDrawersAPI|registry (1.10.2-1.3.0) from StorageDrawers-1.10.2-3.7.10.jar
        * StorageDrawersAPI|render (1.10.2-1.3.0) from StorageDrawers-1.10.2-3.7.10.jar
        * StorageDrawersAPI|storage (1.7.10-1.2.0) from refinedstorage-1.2.26.jar
        * StorageDrawersAPI|storage-attribute (1.10.2-1.3.0) from StorageDrawers-1.10.2-3.7.10.jar
        * WailaAPI (1.3) from Hwyla-1.8.17-B31_1.10.2.jar
        * zerocore|API|multiblock (1.10.2-0.0.2) from zerocore-1.10.2-
        * zerocore|API|multiblock|rectangular (1.10.2-0.0.2) from zerocore-1.10.2-
        * zerocore|API|multiblock|tier (1.10.2-0.0.2) from zerocore-1.10.2-
        * zerocore|API|multiblock|validation (1.10.2-0.0.2) from zerocore-1.10.2-
    CodeChickenLib Invalid Fingerprint Reports: 
    CodeChickenCore Invalid Fingerprint Reports: 
    ChickenChunks Invalid Fingerprint Reports: 
    EnderIO: Found the following problem(s) with your installation (That does NOT mean that Ender IO caused the crash or was involved in it in any way. We add this information to help finding common problems, not as an invitation to post any crash you encounter to Ender IO's issue tracker. Always check the stack trace above to see which mod is most likely failing.):
                  * An unsupportted RF API is installed (1.7.0 from (guessing) jar:file:/Users/Terminal/Library/Application%20Support/technic/modpacks/the-epic-carpets-farming/mods/CoFHCore-1.10.2-!/cofh/api/CoFHAPIProps.class).
                    Ender IO needs at least 1.4.0 and will NOT work with older versions.
                 This may (look up the meaning of 'may' in the dictionary if you're not sure what it means) have caused the error. Try reproducing the crash WITHOUT this/these mod(s) before reporting it.
    Detailed RF API diagnostics:
                  * RF API class 'EnergyStorage' is loaded from: jar:file:/Users/Terminal/Library/Application%20Support/technic/modpacks/the-epic-carpets-farming/mods/CoFHCore-1.10.2-!/cofh/api/energy/EnergyStorage.class
                  * RF API class 'IEnergyConnection' is loaded from: jar:file:/Users/Terminal/Library/Application%20Support/technic/modpacks/the-epic-carpets-farming/mods/CoFHCore-1.10.2-!/cofh/api/energy/IEnergyConnection.class
                  * RF API class 'IEnergyContainerItem' is loaded from: jar:file:/Users/Terminal/Library/Application%20Support/technic/modpacks/the-epic-carpets-farming/mods/CoFHCore-1.10.2-!/cofh/api/energy/IEnergyContainerItem.class
                  * RF API class 'IEnergyHandler' is loaded from: jar:file:/Users/Terminal/Library/Application%20Support/technic/modpacks/the-epic-carpets-farming/mods/CoFHCore-1.10.2-!/cofh/api/energy/IEnergyHandler.class
                  * RF API class 'IEnergyProvider' is loaded from: jar:file:/Users/Terminal/Library/Application%20Support/technic/modpacks/the-epic-carpets-farming/mods/CoFHCore-1.10.2-!/cofh/api/energy/IEnergyProvider.class
                  * RF API class 'IEnergyReceiver' is loaded from: jar:file:/Users/Terminal/Library/Application%20Support/technic/modpacks/the-epic-carpets-farming/mods/CoFHCore-1.10.2-!/cofh/api/energy/IEnergyReceiver.class
                  * RF API class 'IEnergyStorage' is loaded from: jar:file:/Users/Terminal/Library/Application%20Support/technic/modpacks/the-epic-carpets-farming/mods/CoFHCore-1.10.2-!/cofh/api/energy/IEnergyStorage.class
                  * RF API class 'ItemEnergyContainer' is loaded from: jar:file:/Users/Terminal/Library/Application%20Support/technic/modpacks/the-epic-carpets-farming/mods/CoFHCore-1.10.2-!/cofh/api/energy/ItemEnergyContainer.class
                  * RF API class 'TileEnergyHandler' is loaded from: jar:file:/Users/Terminal/Library/Application%20Support/technic/modpacks/the-epic-carpets-farming/mods/CoFHCore-1.10.2-!/cofh/api/energy/TileEnergyHandler.class
    Detailed Tesla API diagnostics:
                  * Tesla API class 'Tesla' could not be loaded (reason: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.darkhax.tesla.Tesla)
                  * Tesla API class 'TeslaCapabilities' could not be loaded (reason: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.darkhax.tesla.capability.TeslaCapabilities)
                  * Tesla API class 'ITeslaConsumer' could not be loaded (reason: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.darkhax.tesla.api.ITeslaConsumer)
                  * Tesla API class 'ITeslaHolder' could not be loaded (reason: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.darkhax.tesla.api.ITeslaHolder)
                  * Tesla API class 'ITeslaProducer' could not be loaded (reason: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.darkhax.tesla.api.ITeslaProducer)
                  * Tesla API class 'BaseTeslaContainer' could not be loaded (reason: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.darkhax.tesla.api.implementation.BaseTeslaContainer)
                  * Tesla API class 'BaseTeslaContainerProvider' could not be loaded (reason: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.darkhax.tesla.api.implementation.BaseTeslaContainerProvider)
                  * Tesla API class 'InfiniteTeslaConsumer' could not be loaded (reason: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.darkhax.tesla.api.implementation.InfiniteTeslaConsumer)
                  * Tesla API class 'InfiniteTeslaConsumerProvider' could not be loaded (reason: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.darkhax.tesla.api.implementation.InfiniteTeslaConsumerProvider)
                  * Tesla API class 'InfiniteTeslaProducer' could not be loaded (reason: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.darkhax.tesla.api.implementation.InfiniteTeslaProducer)
                  * Tesla API class 'InfiniteTeslaProducerProvider' could not be loaded (reason: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.darkhax.tesla.api.implementation.InfiniteTeslaProducerProvider)

    !!!You are looking at the diagnostics information, not at the crash. Scroll up!!!

    EnderStorage Invalid Fingerprint Reports: 
        Plugin Engine: 0
        RebornCore Version:
        Mixin Status: 1
        Runtime Debofucsation 1
        RenderEngine: 0
    Launched Version: 1.10.2-forge1.10.2-
    LWJGL: 2.9.2
    OpenGL: AMD Radeon HD 6770M OpenGL Engine GL version 2.1 ATI-1.66.31, ATI Technologies Inc.
    GL Caps: Using GL 1.3 multitexturing.
Using GL 1.3 texture combiners.
Using framebuffer objects because ARB_framebuffer_object is supported and separate blending is supported.
Shaders are available because OpenGL 2.1 is supported.
VBOs are available because OpenGL 1.5 is supported.

    Using VBOs: Yes
    Is Modded: Definitely; Client brand changed to 'fml,forge'
    Type: Client (map_client.txt)
    Resource Packs: 
    Current Language: English (US)
    Profiler Position: N/A (disabled)
    CPU: 8x Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2760QM CPU @ 2.40GHz

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issues with your custom packs are not posted here in off-topic. Read the section titles and descriptions before posting your topic.

also please don't copy paste your log text directly on your post, that makes it so hard to follow your post as we need several minutes to scroll down to reply. Use a Pastebin service


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