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[3.1.2] Scorpion-Gaming! [PvP] [99 slots] [iConomy, Towny, Auctions] [EE Enabled*] [NoLag]


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All RAM issues seem to have been sorted now as well as lag being eradicated by some plugins we added a while back! We may expand our operations soon but I'll explain more in a future post! Feel free to come and see some new projects as well, as we have added a Drop Party room for special events. I will be upgrading the shop as well soon, and possibly adding an adventure element to the server too.

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So sorry for all the downtime, i have been working and had so much to do, so the other owners have had to just restart it when they knew it was down... but its fixed now at the price again of a map reset, we are so sorry and hope it has fixed it, to stop lag or badly setup machines we have removed buildcraft pipes, because they leak when full (badly configured machines) and thats very often, and with so many players and such a large map we have no chance of locating about 50 sources of lag, despite we are on a powerful dedicated server, tekkit still has a limit before it starts to get upset, clag has been removed so no more vanishing items, we would love to see you back on and chuck an suggestions you have our way and i will try my upmost best to do it if its reasonable.

Thank you very much for your dedication to our server, we don't want to remove ee like most servers do, so we will stay away from that path, but please check your machines or turn them off when you log off.

Remember to check out the youtube.com/mcscorpiongaming and our website www.scorpion-gaming.in (sorry about the ad pop-up) i will be moving hosts because this is temporary as we lost our last website host due to hosting TTT maps for the new TTT server.

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