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[1.4.7]EaveeCraft[150 slot][PVE][24/7][Thaumcraft][Forestry][Lagfree][>100 other mods]

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server: lite.eaveecraft.com

website: eaveecraft.com

Important: We are now using a custom mod pack for our server to fix several lag related issues and to add more functionality.

We now have a modpack version compatible with the new tekkit platform laucnher. Just add the modpack http://technicpack.net/api/modpack/eaveecraft-lite-pack and you're ready to go. The old launcher method still works as well.

Additional Mods (some):

Forestry (2.0)




Witches & More


Twilight Forest

Harvest Craft


Plus a ton of dungeon and spawn upgrades

We have land claim and chest protection as well as block tracking for griefers and thieves available on the server

How to connect and fix crash issues:

Head to eaveecraft.com for modpack installation instructions

We are still going through all the new mods and configs. Currently nothing has been disabled but that can change at any time as we work out what's good and what's bad.

We are ready to expand slot amounts as needed.

To get whitelisted. You can request it in the forums here.

[How to fix crashing]

To fix crashing problems:

Most crashing problems are a result of conflicts in your installation. This is almost always due to you having installed other modpacks or used a version of tekkit lite OTHER than what we currently use (0.57 as of Jan 23rd). You don't miss out on anything using 0.57 as opposed to another TL build. We keep everything up to date as needed. But using a higher version can mess up filenames and break your install.

Fixing it and preventing further issues are easy

For WIndows Users:

Make sure minecraft and the tekkit launcher are both shut down.

Open up your start menu. Type in %appdata% in the search field and hit enter

Find your techniclauncher folder, go into that, then into your tekkit lite folder

Delete the config, bin, lib and mods folders

Open up the tekkit launcher.

Click on options.

Select Manual Build and choose 0.57 v. 1.4.7

Make sure http://www.sailus.com/files/modpack.zip is listed as the custom mod pack at the bottom of the options window

Make sure you have specified at least 1.5GB ram for the launcher (more is better if you're crashing while in game)

Clear your cache in the options window.

Click okay and start the launcher.

This will redownload and reconfigure everything removing any potential inconsistencies which could be causing your problem.

For mac users...you can follow the same steps above but you will need to locate your tekkitlite install folder on your own. I do not know where it is located.

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IGN - Ziibez

Age - 19

Any more? - Just wanting a good TekkitLite server to play on. I've become established on a few but they seem to be having troubles/no long online :-(, I just need a nice server to play as it seems to run better than SSP... I also prefer servers as I can talk to people and when I have the time, patience and resources I sometimes help people... Sometimes.

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ign - spoungecake

age - 21

peacefull player who enjoys co-op survival. been playing tekkit a while now and i like the style of gameplay in the yogscast. its a shame to see EE loose allot of what it added to tekkit, but i am still interested in learning how to use factorization and am knowledgable mostly in buildcraft pipes and redstone... although saying that i have only played with the pipes in the version used in tekkit classic... so new pipes are new to me!

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