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PLUS Block: Way better than Feed the Beast!


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Plus Block v1.00



I've been promising it, and now here it is PlusBlock v1.00! I don't know about you but I was getting tired of waiting for a new Feed the Beast challenge map to appear so I decided to make my own! Plus Block isn't just a challenge map though, it's a great way to start off any game of PLUS+ Plus Block lets you play any map and have more fun doing it!

When you start a game of PlusBlock you spawn here. This is the hub; there are four main chambers connected serving different functions.


The first chamber is world select room. From here you can craft anything you need to begin your game in the world of your choosing! Remember to bring a modified Link Book back to the Plus Block if you make any custom worlds.


These challenge worlds come pre-packed with Plus Block. Normal Skyblock is challenging but fun even for vanilla play. Skygrid is a different take on a skyblock map; very fun! Skyblock Hard is under development.


The most important feature of Plus Block are on the sides! From here you can redeem variety of challenges for Diamonds, then use those Diamonds for great items! All of the challenges have been selected to be interesting to do, and also fun on a Skyblock (though a normal world would be fun too!). The prizes are the best items of the best; and also the most irritating to craft. Now you can build a cake factory and redeem your efforts for a sweet Gravity Suit! All challenges and prizes can be completed multiple times.







Mods Included:

Additional Pipes

Advanced Machines

Advanced Repulsion System

Advanced Power Management

Advanced Solar Panels

Assembly Line

Atomic Science


Basic Components

Basic Pipes

Better Storage

Buildcraft 3

Chicken Chuncks

Clay Soldiers

Compact Solars


Dimensional Anchor

Diamond Meter


EE3 Unofficial Prerelease

Electric Expansion

Ender Storege

Essential Craft

Extra Bees

Easy Crafting Table




Graviton Suit

Gravity Gun



Immibis perpherals


Industrial Craft 2

Inventory Tweaks

Iron Chests

Logistics Pipes


Metallurgy 2

Minechem 2

Minecraft Forge

Minefactory Reloaded

Misc Peripherals

Modular Forcefield System

More Pipes


Nether Ores

Not Enough Items

Nuclear Control

Obsidian Pressure Plate

Omni Tools



Power Converters

Power Tools


Red Power 2

Rei's Minimap

Soul Shards

Single Player Commands

Steves Carts

TF2 Teleporter/Dispenser/Sentry

Thaumcraft 3

Thermal Expansion

Tube Stuff


Ultimate Fist

Wireless Redstone


Install Instructions

1) Download and install Minecraft 1.4.6

2) Extract the contents of folder "Put in .minecraft" into "C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft

3) If it asks you to merge any folders or replace any files allow it to do so

4) Delete the META-INF in the minecraft.jar located in the bin directory

5) Extract the contents of the "Put in minecraft.jar" folder into the minecraft.jar.

6) Run Minecraft as normal


Plus Block for Technic Launcher v1.00T


Now a Technic Launcher custom pack!

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I'll have a chance to play around with it in the morning, but I just wanted to provide some first thoughts on this map. Mainly, I really like that you went with trade-o-mats. They're one of my favorite items, and you don't see people using them all that much. Secondly, I understand the need to make the map out of indestructible blocks. However, I've always felt that the bedrock texture was a bit ugly. If you were to update this map, try to add some other colors on top of the bedrock, or even hide it behind microblocks. you could even use the forcefeild camouflage upgrade to replace the bedrock.

Anyways, that was just my opinion on cosmetics. I'll have a chance to test the functionality in the morning, but looking at the screenshots I think you did an amazing job on this map.

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is there a way to increase the permmemory for a modpack in the launcher, I tried to use this, but it worked until I tried to use a CC turtle, thats when it crashed and said out of perm-memory. I know how to make it work for the regular minecraft launcher but not technic launcher

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Plus Block is very fun for fooling around!

Hmm, I've earned these Diamond Blocks what can I do today?




I want to play Minecraft Fallout! I'll need a Laser Rifle, a Ripper, and some Power Armor to do this properly. Being Fallout I also bought a stack of Nukes. Just put the Diamond Blocks into the slots on the top and get your equipment. Electrical Equipment comes fully charged (recharge yourself!). Magical wands can be recharged by the repair station the the world select room.




Now all I need is the Capital Wasteland. Back to the world select room. Grab some Feathers and Books and click on the handy Easy Crafting Table to craft a Descriptive Book. Once I have the book simply take it to the Writing Desk and add the necessary symbols. Green sky, wasteland, some villagers, and lots of dungeons and abandoned mineshafts. We're done, lets play!




These dangerous mutants are threatening the wasteland! They need to be stopped. I can take these guys out with some nuclear warfare, prewar style!







Mystcraft isn't just good for making your own worlds, it great for importing your favorite adventure maps into your world!

Craft a Descriptive Book and make note of what Age number it gets assigned. Take it to your Writing Desk and give it normal feature (or whatever your want, spice up adventure maps with meteors!) and make it a Void age:



Lets see! Looks pretty empty, lets fill it with something!


Follow these steps:

1) Go to your .minecraft folder and find your save file

2) Inside your file there will be several sub-directories named "DIM_MYST2" DIM_MYST3" etc. Locate the one associated with the Descriptive Book you made earlier

3) Inside that directory delete the "region" folder and replace it with the "region" folder from the map you want to play.

4) Load up your save and play!

*Warning you may start in an odd place; best to use creative fly where you need and make a new Linking Book*

Lets see what happens when I use the book now. Alright, Cake Defense ready to go! Now I can play a few rounds with my laser gun and warp back to my base to get back to minecrafting when I'm through!




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HOLY F***! Who needs maps when you have this? Aww great. Now I have to take a break from bee breeding to play this...

Ok: After 3 tries, I finally got techniclauncher to work. EDIT EDIT: The modpack isn't loading.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: No, I don't have to stop bees! Thanks for including forestry and XtraBees!

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i dont like that diamonds are mostly used for trading maybe change it so you get items that are needed in crafting what you want like 4 dias for mixed metal the way it is right now makes it so hard to optain items (dias) = harder to optain item but in a diffrent way. What i want to say is if you get tons of trading stuff (dias mostly) you can get anything. Instead of making a bridge to get to items you made it so you trade stuff but the usual items found on other skyblock islands are materials used to make stuff that you want not the stuff that you want. Oh and too many uses for dias use stuff like tin/copper/iron/some random stuff too

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It really doesn't matter what the trades are denominated in. I picked Diamonds because they have intrinsic value, so that if you do one of the challenges you can trade your diamonds for rewards or use them to build things. If you go to a normal Mystcraft age you will also find that I have adjusted the ore distribution to make finding wild diamonds easier in the face of 15,000 modded ores.

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