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Advanced Repulsion System SMP (STILL BUG!)


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Further testing with other players conclude that this is not fixed in the recent ARS mod that was added in 0.6.1. Only 2 can be active at any given time. Not 3, 4, 5, or any players having 2, just only 2 can be active per entire server. This is just stupid.


New Images From Raw and Basic Testing:


Featured Image:









A problem:


Only one shield can be active at a time on a multiplayer server, there has been no response or feedback for a solution.

Can we please get a fix? The entire ARS suite had to be banned on our server because only one person could have a shield active at one time. We can't trace whether it's an issue with MCPC, Forge, the ARS mod, or Tekkit itself. It works in singleplayer tekkit, but as soon as it's in a SMP environment it goes bonkers; One Shield One Active All Others Be Damned.

If anyone has a solution, or better yet the cause of this please say so.

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Running a grief/pvp/raid server is difficult for us as well, the one thing that can stop everything but high-tier methods are shields. I must admit, seeing people build with reinforced stone, basalt, and obsidian do make for pretty good looking bases. Our next maintenance is coming up to update MCPC and see if that fixes it, I doubt it as changelogs address other things. If no fix is available in the near future (0.5.9+) I recommend Advanced Repulsion System be removed from Tekkit Lite entirely as there is no point other than single player or co-op servers. Soon it will join the ranks with Mystcraft on our server of being completely removed via mod deletion just to speed up reboot times by a mere half second.

Side note: I enjoy Mystcraft, and as optimization progresses it'll be a finite addition to Tekkit, right now it's too much of a lag headache to run on medium-size servers.

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If no fix is available in the near future (0.5.9+) I recommend Advanced Repulsion System be removed from Tekkit Lite entirely as there is no point other than single player or co-op servers.

Wow, just wow...

Just because a Mod doesn't work for PvP doesn't mean it doesn't have a place in tekkit

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It doesn't work in SMP at all, regardless if PvP, PvE, or even Creative.

OK, so the forcefields don't work in SMP for you (I've seen no problems nor have any been reported on the ARS topic)

The industrial coils still work and compared to the IC version they are a god send

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So if they appeared fixed for you what is the difference between Tekkit Lite vanilla/MCPC server and the ones that actually work? Are they still tekkit lite? Have they been hotfixed in someway, if so how? What is the cause of them not working properly in multiplayer with more than one shield attempting to be active? Proof of more than one shield working in multiplayer would be nice, until then I stand my ground on this. I'm more than happy to go testing another 4 hours and screenshot every possible configuration of Tekkit Lite and its versions even with versioning from ARS and it's parent branch of IC2 to show the shield problems.

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My set-up

Tekkit Lite 0.5.7

Custom Zip containing additional alarms for the Howler Alarm from Nuclear Control

2 Gb RAM assigned on server start with an extra 1 Gb available on demand

10 slots, 9 players

At least 7 fields running from 5 different cores

This is about all you will get out of me in terms of answers for the sake of 1 person on 1 topic, all I know is they work for me, I haven't see anyone else with the problems you are experiencing and even if I'm getting lucky and ARS forcefields don't work in general but no one is saying anything about it besides you then I stand by my 2nd post, ARS Industrial Tesla Coils over IC2 Tesla Coils

If the devs do decide to pull ARS for some reason I'll add it back via custom zip, if not then you can remove it from your server, nuff said

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I'm actually thankful you gave that info. It's not much of a start of diagnosing, but it is a an addition none the less. :) Could you please provide the config for ARS and Forge? (also bukkit if you have the ported mod enabled). If it's not FML, then that's a big write off on the problem.

EDIT: Also, just tested fresh server install, fresh tekkit client, different computer/server, all tekkit lite vanilla with no changes: no two shields can be active. Anyone can test this and confirm it will be the same bugged result. Did you change any of the configs or is it just a straight-shot install with the custom pack?

Fresh install configs:


general {




















general {

    # Controls the number threshold at which Packet51 is preferred over Packet52, default and minimum 64, maximum 1024




Remember, this is just FML, not MCPC/BukkitForge build.

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Out of frustration I removed all mods except:

(The coremods Folder)











^ All immibis and IC2 branches.

Kept the same fresh install config files as a full tekkit lite would have and...

Shields work properly......

So wtf Tekkit Lite pack? You're the odd-man-out in all this...FIX IT.

I'll be adding mods one by one to see which one actually bugs the shields. Stay posted. :D

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Because then someone would of actually fixed the problem and he would no longer have anything to complain about, and as we all know, on the internet complaining is just as good as, or possibly even better than, having fun.

And because they is to lazy to simply report the bug and moan until someone does... (But to the fact he put some1 effort and making pictures and such... yeh he just wanted to moan)

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It was reported on Sunday after 0.6.1 was made recommended (about 3 days.) This post has been here since 0.5.9-0.6.0 Development

Tekkit Lite Bug Forum Post:


IC2 ARS Forum Post:


Now I have a question: Do Tekkit Forum mods even read the bug report forum themselves? Or is that just for show? Considering it was read here more often than the bugs and you all had the good graces to read it. :)

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I'd like to chime in here as well. Despite the mod push back, I think threads like this serve the public better. Obscurity should not be held against the average user who does not have the resources to delve into issues further.

What I have found on my small 0.6.1 server is that you can have more than 2 forcefields, BUT as soon as you disable one, the bugs start happening. I for example have my shields wired up to a NOT gate and wireless receiver to allow them to be brought down, when necessary. As soon a shield is remotely deactivated the issues start rearing their head.

When I have some time I'm going to dig into the ARS source and see if I can find a cause. I don't expect I will unless it's just a glaringly huge oversight.

At any rate, if anyone comes up with a work around, please share it with us.

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How about posting: "Thanks for the feedback, we will look into it. Next time you find a bug please use this LINK."

- How hard is that?

The only downside to tekkit is the community. @Cerevox @Epikos1994 You are the only ones complaining in this thread. Complaining about other people complaining (which wasn't the case) /slowclap.

Dracoix put a lot of work into figuring out why something isn't working as intended. Then he posted how to reproduce the bug. Then the "awesome" community slams the door on you for not posting it in the correct section :S All you got out of this was actually WHERE the bug was posted?!? Amazing.

I'm probably gonna get banned or warned or something, but you should really read this thread through again, and probably take a look at @Cerevox @Epikos1994 and ask yourselves wether or not they were just trolling/flaming under cover of a somewhat arrogant reply from a moderator.

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