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[0.6.5]CircleCraft[PvE][20][Greylisted][Mobarena] Cause we only use circles here.

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A little bit of work being done to the spawn, I will try to keep it reported!

Update - Inplace of the Minium stone, since people can't stop themselves from greifing with it, I have made a trade shop that will trade using the same block amounts the stone required. Its at spawn, marked with a big S for shop. Have fun!


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I noticed that PrimeExia :P

I'm sorry guys the server went down again and did a rollback I suspect so rather than have people keep losing hard work I thought it would better to leave it off till we get to the new server host. I hope it wont be down to long, as I would like to play as well. Wish us luck! :)

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I was doing some expensive stuff so I hope it doesnt get deleted

I'm sure every effort will be made to maintain a stateful backup of the world and move it to the new host. However, the last crash will likely result in a short rollback and there isn't much that can be done about that (I believe it was mentioned that there may have been some ramdisk action going on so you only get the last backup, not the "current world" if it crashes hard). You may have to re-do a few things, but it should only be a few minutes as it seemed the server was backing up very frequently.

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