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Allison Potter

[0.6.5]CircleCraft[PvE][20][Greylisted][Mobarena] Cause we only use circles here.

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I have pulled the server for the time being, will be up when I get around to fixing all the mess in spawn. Until then, only mods are allowed on. Anyone else involved will be banned no matter the severity.

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The following people have been banned due to theft of spawn items:












These names are confirmed in the greif. You will not be allowed back on the server for any reason.

Some trusted members will be allowed during rebuilding, the rest will have to wait.

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yeah, that was the guy, willidk3. Hmm, I thought cerberus95 was helping...guess not. If you need any help, let me know. I'm new to your server but I have a bunch of experience. I have been running a private server for a while.

aka cruleman

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