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Auto Cutting Tree Farm?

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Use a steve cart with a non-solar engine and the tree cutter module, ensure it has plenty of storage space

Set up it's area, as large as you like but try not to leave any gaps, the cart will auto space it's trees

For the cargo manager do the following

Cart > Manager - Fuel (There is a reason for this)

Cart > Manager - Storage

Manager > Cart - Saplings

Manager > Cart - Fuel

Now attach a sorting machine to the cargo manager, have it pull everything out and tag each with different color codes

Direct the logs to the chest of your choice by tagging the pipe just before the chest with the log code

Do the same for the saplings and apples respectively if you want to keep them

Place an incinerator behind a restriction tube somewhere along the pipe

The reason you pull the fuel out of the cart is using this system it should ensure the cart burns logs not saplings, this makes it less likely to run out of fuel and you will still get a lot of logs

I have done this set-up before, logs to induction furnace, apples to barrel, saplings to crafter for plant balls

I had so many logs from a 26 x 26 farm that the induction furnace couldn't keep up even at 100% heat (it's speed became counter productive in a way) and it took 8 generators to keep up with all the charcoal

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Hmm. I would go with a MineFactoryReloaded solution. For instance, you can put a system together with these components:






And those 5 things will generate 100 rubber/minute with rubber tree saplings. The amount of planks you could get with regular trees would be staggering.

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I've done the MFR version, and th Steve's Carts version. When you get to a certain point with Steve's, it actually causes client crashes. The MFR one, though it takes a little more thought for planning, is probably the easiest one to do, that I've seen.

Just have to place your animal farm with sewers far enough away, or below, your tree farm so as to not have escaping animals. Then, best suggestion from there is make sure you sort the items, wood/rubber/apples/leaves go one way, saplings go another, feeding into the planter. This way, you don't have to bother with making sure it's full. I use a dual chest with redpower filters in it attached to my harvester so that the saplings and wood can be more easily sorted, and to prevent overflow and loss of items.

Filled a doublechest with logs in just under 4 hours. Also reduces much of the lag that the bc pipes create.

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