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Remaking the Nether


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Hey Folks,

Recently started up a server again for a bunch of friends and we ran into an issue with the netherore cfg and no ores in the nether, found the fix in another thread, nuked the config file and fixed it.

However... Theres no nether folder, instead I have DIM-1, DIM-23, DIM1, etc etc.

Not sure which file to nuke to have the nether rebuild itself...

Please advise :)


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The mod is is quite good but is a WIP and as such any number of bugs are conceivable. I kind of agree with you that it is annoying having so many cut and paste doors in your world though.

Go to the wiki page to see if it has any applications for you. Or why not contribute something to the modpack you are using and take the time to go and check the website and report the bug?

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In replt to: theprolo

Are you for certain? I just rented a server for me and a few friends and it's lagging a lot and we are getting disconnected.

The memory is at 100% usage constantly, and the server ment for 12 people and we are only 3-4 on at a time.

I'm renting a server from sticky pistons btw.

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