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Technic Solder support

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Hi, as the technic team doesnt provide support for the solder api, I want to try my best helping you unoficially. So post your problems and I hope the community solves them.

...are you seriously making a thread so that other people can provide support for those using solder?

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How do I create a mod pack in Solder?

plokami666's guides on how to install and use solder don't say where to put modpack resources in solder and I can't figure it out myself.

EDIT: His guide on how to use says how to upload and configure mods for packs in solder, but not the packs themselves.

EDIT2: Also asked in plokami666's installation guide

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LunarianEnclave: It sould be straightforward (or not) :)

Remember, you need to have created the " [modslug]/resources/ " path and uploaded the images with those proper names before you can hit Create Modpack.


PS: If you are working on a smaller screen/resolution the top line will "wrap" it self in

Hit the symbol at [1) -->] and the options should show up:)


You're post is entirely UNhelpful.

It only tells me how to make it in Technic Solder.

What I need to know is where to put the modpack resources.

I didn't say "how do I configure modpacks" I said "how do I configure the uploads for modpacks".

The word "uploads" should of told you that I was wanting to know where to upload the files.

Sorry if I came off irate and rude.

This post is intended to be blunt but with a polite tone of voice.

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If you followed plokami666's guide to the point, then the modpack slug should be after /public/mods/



and the individual mods should go in after /public/mods/mods/


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That's true for individual mods.

I just wish it was true for mod packs.

I put the resources files for my test mod pack in that exact spot, while ofcourse replacing "[modslug]" with the mod packs slug.

Did not work.

In solder you will see the option Modpacks

Go there, add modpack, ensure all the resources exist and hit create

Now you edit that modpack to add the mods from your mods list to the pack

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