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Tekkit Issue: Middle Click


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In Tekkit lite I'd gotten used to the functionality of (in creative mode) being able to replace the block you were currently holding with the targeted one by middle clicking.

In Tekkit, I'm finding that the click appears to work - that is, I hold the block I chose - but the second I try and place it it is replaced with the block that was previously in my hand.

It works most of the time if I have no block in hand - but often I'm left holding nothing again, and the placed block disappears. The revert also happens if I try and move the copied block in my inventory.

I have reproduced this in multiple "dimensions" and at a significant distance from the spawn.

Hopefully that's somewhat clear. I can provide further information as needed.

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This is what it does.

You pick block

For example 4th slot, it will put it in like 5 blocks slots away (Slot 9).

What I do is pickblock and then press R. BUT thing is about that is it only works if you use pickblock on the first 4 slots.

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It's galacticraft's adding the 5 extra slots for the oxygen gear/parachute messing with something that doesn't expect it to be there somewhere in the pickblock handling. I told micdoodle about it a while ago, don't remember if he's fixed it since then yet.

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Ah, that makes sense. Figured it was GalactiCraft.

Surely there's a better way of adding extra slots than changing up the entire inventory.

For example the stupid Armor dupe/replacement bug with the space suit. He really messed up the slots.

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