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New server - how do i bring my world accross.

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Unless you have changed any of your configs, or are using MCPC+ or similar.

The only changes I've found so far are that the Galacticraft version was updated (to match the client) and that the immibis-microblocks.cfg was changed:

  • Was: enableNEI: true
  • Is: enableNEI: false

Might be easier to just change/update those.

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Nothing. Just download the new server version and copy your worlds into it.

This how I've always done it, and it worked here. However, I'm getting a warning that says...

This world was save with mod XXXX and it is now at version XXXX. Things may not work well.

This was for Dimensional Doors, Steve's Carts and Applied Energistics (I've only done anything with Dimensional Doors).

Anyone know a way to fix this, or is it not something I should worry about?

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