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Can anyone get the following working (or fixed?)


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You can't install the newest AP because it's 1.52. We made the "tekkit" edition of those fixes for 1.51 by doing some git jiggery pokery. It wasn't hard, per se, but it does require some knowledge of git and how to build additional pipes. We're waiting on mystcraft and computercraft to update to 1.52 and then a new version of tekkit will be out with everything.

In the meantime, god, yes, use tesseracts. In fact, always use them. I'm not really clear on why you believe they're uniquely bad for SMP.

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if you're trying to do something that needs 120 tesseracts, you should either have the resources/motivation to make them or you are doing something terribly wrong and don't actually need that many if you planned it out a little better. anything requiring that much crap generally means the player building it is well supplied in the first place.

also, as others have said, tesseracts aren't even expensive. EE3 turns iron into ender pearls, which solves the hardest part of the problem. the rest is cake to get in large amounts.

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