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Pump and oil


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Hi everyone !

I don't know if it's a bug or not so i'm asking first but when i try to pump some oil, the pump dont request any power and just stay there, useless. It works fine on water with buildcraft and thermal pipes. Is there something i dont know ?

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Is this 'oil' slightly transparent and in a pool on the surface; if it is, that's not oil it's sludge. I don't believe the BC pump can handle either sludge or waste (brown liquid). If this is actually oil, then post a screenshot so I can get a better idea of what's wrong.

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I didn't confuse it, i've tried on three differents fluids, there's only water being pump. Here is the screenshot, setup is the same for all liquid. (When u r.click on the engine, it store energy when the pipes is full)


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TBH Both sludge and sewage pools are uneccesarry and way too common, is there any way to config them out?

Navigate to '\.technic\bigdig\config\powercrystals\minefactoryreloaded\Common.cfg'. To simply make the less common, alter the lines:




To disable them completely, find the line


and change the value to false.

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