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Item banned list for TekkitCustomizer


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- 5857:*:back pack:dupe

- 5206:*:philosopher stone:grief

- 5205:*:minium stone:grief

- 502:1:advanced crafting table:x

- 512:*:land mark:lag grief

- 687:5:lava fabricator:bug

- 686:14:auto enchanter:bug

- 407:*:cart tnt:evitar grief

- 5201:*:alchemical bag:x

- 5040:*:dynamite:grief

- 8807:31:dynamite:grief

- 8809:6:dynamite:grief

- 5909:*:rift blade:lag

- 5042:*:cannon:grief

- 5043:*:cannon bal:grief

- 902:*:trade booth top:grief

- 8832:*:trade booth top:grief

- 5907:*:unstable door:lag

- 786:*:unstable door:lag

- 519:*:quarry:grief

- 508:*:filler:lag

- 761:*:turtles:grief

- 762:*:turtles:grief

- 781:*:chunk loader:lag

- 8807:49:chunk loader:lag

- 8807:8:cart com drill:grief

- 8807:9:cart com drill:grief

- 8807:42:cart com drill:grief

- 8807:43:cart com drill:grief

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Disabling quarries and turtles entirely? Why can't you just restrict them instead of banning them altogether? You can deny [ComputerCraft] any access to protected areas, and turtles will not be able to do anything there.

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