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Invincible MOB!


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Just had this nutter invade my base! Every time I shoot him with my bow it kills me and he gains my health (he's on over 150 health now). Even if I hit him softly he still withers me.

That'll teach me to try to occupy his masters necromancer castle.


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Kill it with fire!

No, seriously. That guy has LifeSteal - any damage you do to him will most likely be done to you instead. An environmental damage might just do the trick though. I recommend using lava, and keeping your distance.

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Wall him in, bury him in sand, mark the location.

If you can't kill him at all, wall him in with obsidian. And post signs.

Edit: Don't waste the obsidian, just use signs everywhere.

Edit: Open a rift on top of him, then close it after he gets sucked in.

Cloaking - Invisibility Potion effect on Mob

Wither - Wither effect

Vengeance - reflects a portion of all damage done

Lifesteal - heals from attacking

Ninja - can teleport dodge attacks, reflecting damage on the Player

Ender - can teleport dodge attacks, reflecting damage on the Player

Regen - heals Health back

Oh, and fire resistant pants. And boots.

Edit: If he teleports from suffocation damage, then wall him in and use the rift, I think it deals no damage and makes them go to a different dimension, be careful when you travel through the dimensions after that.

From the effects of the Legend Gear Fire Amulet lava damage might not be fire damage.

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Legend Gear bombs don't damage blocks. The big risk is triggering the teleport effects.

I don't think you should risk it, until you clear that place out enough you don't mind never coming back.

Oh, if your high enough you can drop him to bedrock.


20=h-3? He's got boots though so go for bedrock.

Don't let him swim in the lava all the way down. You'll have to take the lava away before you break the block he's standing on.

Edit: This is Minecraft! Dig a pit under him then break the block he's standing on.

Edit: I really like how many different ways there are to take care of problems in Minecraft. Unstoppable mob? Trap it in a hot tub and give it a lava bath. Still not dead? Drop it to bedrock. Still not dead? Lure it up a stairway and drop it to bedrock from max build height. Still not enough? Just wall it in and cover its tomb with signs.

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