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E.R.A.M. (Experimental Research Assembly Manufacture) corporation


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Yes I know. Sadly we have more kids asking for tech support than map builds here... I'm surprised at the feedback you have got in FTB.

I thought most were busy playing with Skyblock challenges and such...

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Yes I know. Sadly we have more kids asking for tech support than map builds here... I'm surprised at the feedback you have got in FTB.

I thought most were busy playing with Skyblock challenges and such...

Oh well, we all know the truth about MC community.

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Concept goes like this:

Air get sucked in to ventilation shafts on the surface.
Get filtrated in A. filtration section.
Get distributed to A.storage tanks and main huge middle air-vent same as smaller side vents.
All air vents are accessible if you are able to "crawl". (by any mod or by morphing to get through 1block vents)
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Another bunch of shots of todays (re)work on main station systems...
[Top view] Did you think its just fancy looking platform? Bro, this is full of logic, sensors and other shit! Pfff...
Elevator control rooms. (left side 3x striped carphenter doors)
BEHOLD! MasterZH and his rslogic "happy hour". (if you get the (dirty?)reference :P)
Another even more "dirty" point of view on RS-porn...
Overview of 3 elevator control rooms merged together with some fancy toys around...
I do love to play with railcraft blocks time to time... <3
New lights design? Muhahahohaha!(crazy laugh) Done! its your choice.
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Hello everyone. I'm masterzh's project partner. I would have posted this sooner, but I have been recovering from being hit by a car, and the complications that follow an accident like that. Good news, I'm not dead. So yay for that. Anyway, I don't post that much, but I've been on the forums since there were forums. I've had Minecraft since alpha, and the first mod I installed was the original IndustrialCraft. I've been in the modding community for a long time, and I can say I have never seen a project quite like this. My history aside, I look forward to getting to know everyone, and please feel free to send any questions or PMs my way.
Big welcome to me new buddy. We will push this project to the new limits of minecraft modding universe.  Limits created and overcome by same people. Us. E.R.A.M. will have no competition creating and winning its own era of detailed, functional and massive builds with custom modpacks. Heil...viva E.R.A.M. !
To feed some media-hungry players here is my 1day work. Its underground testing laboratory for my CC programmer. Yes this will be all his and full of CC....ehm....stuff? (seriously he need nothing as we have portable computers now)
Front view on entrance tube, middle corridor and control tower.
Control tower and air-vents in full glory...
A bit of side-shot on 1305blocks long monstrosity.
Of course i will add more details.
This lady has some sexy legs... ;P
More soon!
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Love your project.  Wondering if you would like some help with building/design/texturing/ect.  I would love to be a part of this undertaking.

You havent read the original post, have you?


Go read the original post, it is long but worth the read.

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First to purpose of this thread. I will no longer post any shots or reveal anything specific about E.R.A.M. lore or structures. Instead i will start to spam recruiting propaganda every second post.(or until i get banned) 90% of jobs are still free so until i get proper team you have to deal with it. No help = no (free) awesomeness from E.R.A.M. here.

Project future stages:

(click to enlarge)

As you can see we plan to create machinima series instead of any media updates.
Machinima has low to none priority right now however i do want to start recruiting team in advance. (if you look at my project history you can see that even 2 years is not enough to find proper help) This will be the only and official way to follow E.R.A.M. project until first official release of map. Main reason why i decided for machinima instead of: timelapse videos, server tours, shots, showcase vids, gifs... is that i can reveal what i want in order i decide. I can include description, backstory or related lore to each section by editing screenplay. Each part can be showed in specific conditions/situation to create perfect scene. Some areas will be described to deep functionality others will be only teased by passing by, fast look behind doors or skipped completely to include more content for in hand experience later. (including easter-eggs) There is already enough built to create 5-6 very interesting episodes but as i sad it has no priority to me right now. I do have some basic idea what it will be based on and story in my mind for first 2 episodes. Actually i am building part of E.R.A.M. map where will first season most likely end so filling "middle part" will be piece of cake. Machinima will include re-creations of some popular film/game scenes, lots of humour and reference to other MC communities. I hope that all together it will create unique experience of E.R.A.M., keep audience interested and set new higher level of modded minecraft project. I want E.R.A.M. to be something more then just file on your hard-drive.
Machinima related recruitment:
(all members will be promising to not share any informations or materials about upcoming episodes until it release)
Voice actors: Obviously nice voice, good microphone, willingness to record given script and based on feedback adapt/record again (with application send your voice sample :) you can say whatever you want i will not share or post it anywhere)
Note: I am also looking for at least 1 female voice
Script writer: Creative, with perfect English, familiar with lot of films and games with understanding of script creations, common film plots/twists, and minecraft capabilities. He will be acquaint with map, lore, all my suggestions and basic idea for story. Close coop is necessary.
Fan scene/script helper: Can suggest cool scenes, jokes, parts of script or inspirations.

All video edit, effects, post processing, sounds, music, directing, in-game recordings, external rendering, NPC setup and final script will be done by me.
Project building internal/external related recruitment:
Designer (highly experienced and skilled in designing project related stuff)
Lore writer (well educated in all inspiration films/games mentioned in first post, creative!, good knowledge of history, weapons, technology, conspiracy theories...)
Voxel sniper, worldedit, other plugin expert (well skilled in any or all of these)
Mod expert (will help with a specific mod thanks to his excellent knowledge of that mod)
Hand-builder (will help build difficult parts by hand, i.e. microblocks/slopes/wires)
Texture artist (will create or modify textures for blocks or skins)
CT(connected textures) maker (as title sad, will create custom CT support for my TP)
Sound artist (will create or modify sounds for my project)
Mod-community/modpack specialist (will suggest updates, new mods and troubleshoot modpack)
Idea genius (will suggest excellent ideas/features to make this project even cooler)
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I am proud to present you very rare thing, based on my decision to keep most of it for machinima.
First ever showcase of offensive/defensive E.R.A.M. force. Keep in mind its still early WIP.
There are few facts which are not clear from vid so i am going right on them.
  • Obviously i was heavily inspired by Oblivion(2013).
  • Main idea was to create drone with pop-up weapons as small as possible with external hull.
  • Even that my main weapons are clearly aesthetic there is still space to put something else there. 2 blocks of space on each side directly controlled by redstone rods.
  • Drone can rotate thanks to pistronics advanced rotator however as i had not enough space you can only turn it 1 way around. Of course we are speaking about wireless control rotation as you can manually switch rotation directly anytime.
  • Slopes will get messed up if you rotate drone but it may be fixed in future versions of pistronics.
  • Drone can move in any direction thanks to Remain in Motion template carriage and computer controller. Which is hooked with CC turtle.
  • Internal logic is done by RedNet cables from MFR.
  • Searchlights are actually Greg's RS floodlights.
  • MFFS forcefield will be charged at drone station automatically.
  • Thrusters are only aesthetic.
  • Mood indicator is lamp without any practical purpose right now.
  • Front scanner is yet another laser. (aesthetic)
  • Teleporter is carriage translocator from RIM.
  • Drone will be controlled by CC program however dont expect any player-vs-drone fights. It will move and it will be able to get home.
  • I already made some changes to my drone after releasing this video.
  • This is middle-class drone. Not the biggest or smallest one.
  • Drone control station is already in production.
  • Video took me 4hours to record-edit-upload.
  • Great god look at it! <3
Whats the biggest success of this build you ask? Well try to include everything i just listed in something smaller and still aesthetically pleasing. Common guys 5x5x6!
Edited by masterzh
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