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E.R.A.M. (Experimental Research Assembly Manufacture) corporation


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Great news every1! We have:


Sure i dont use those 112 mods but when i get bored of digging my way to core of my base i can do some fun with them! And yes 1.6.4! There are some huge fixes in PR, ARS is working properly and much more!

Last but not least:


We have WORLD EDIT!!!! YEAAAAA!!!!! And with CUI (Client User Interface) support! (so you can see what you are selecting/doing with WE)

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So today i find on my server weird looking *stuff* hanging from the ceiling right above killing-tube. What is it?




Aaanyway with new 1.6.4 mods i have new pet! Its very useful as it clear up mess i make everyday and its pretty cute too! They dont ask any stupid questions, follow you everywhere you go, and just do their job... so i can keep my inventory clear of garbage i may accidentally pick up <3


I am really getting close to building core of my base so i will explain few thing you guys can help me with. You can still apply for help as its described in first post > RECRUITING section... but this is different way of help i am looking for now.

Shape of main base same as theme was clear from the start however Umbrella Corporation(resident evil) is not 100% what i wanted(i may say its placeholder for what it will became later). It fit perfectly but feel a bit "mainstream" so if you think you know some other good "theme" which i can cross with UC let me know. Or:

  • Project logo
  • Unique theme addon (pls nothing like "dude cross it with doom 3 that would be awesome!" be more specific how will it affect my buildstyle)
  • Lore / story / corporation name / universe / ideology ...

I have lot of ideas, plans same as basic picture how will it all look together but this is not RE replica-project... i need that small sparkle to make it special. Can you help?

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Why was I banned from server and unfriended on skype? Im sorry for any trouble I caused you. Im not sure why I was playing with the weapons when I should of been doing something productive to help the project along. I promise if you let me back in on the project I wont be playing with the mod items on server, but on a sp world.

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As i promised here is media update:

Basic conference room logic is done.


After you leave lights will get in default settings (of course they will turn off too) same as blinds.

Interactive monitors including table are separately controlled from pop-up panels too.


ARS advanced TESLA coils madness is back in action! What a nice view... <3


Metro station get few lights while i am finishing other stuff :)


One of many models to understand how these things work...


Finally i find nice design for my transformers. Do you like it?


Sexy shot number 7...


Small redesign of tesla coils casing.


Access platform.


And biggest pain in the ass was this shit-box/elevator. What it can do?

  • Elevator will open doors automatically if you are near and wait until you get in or go away "you are waiting"
  • Doors are opened with pop-up motors
  • If you are waiting and elevator is not there he will let you know he is coming on information display "i am coming"
  • If you are in elevator and there is some1 else waiting elevator will wait
  • Elevator has manual control as backup (with warning message on all floors about "manual control")
  • Elevator can signalize he is not working properly (offline)
  • Elevator system include 7 frame motors, 6 motion sensors, 3 logic super-servers, 1 manual control room, 2 doors and 1 elevator xD


Medium size servers in front, huge 17blocks long super-servers at back.


Those 2 of 3 new super-servers for elevator.


It was great fun to build but i think no more wires for next 3 months... :P


Current project size: 132x148x70 (height is wrong on picture sorry)


You say small? Well i will leave you with sexy shot number 15 from corner of that yellow square(60x60).


I am still looking for help guys!

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Isn't this borderline overkill. How much more do you want to build using your current mod list that requires that much space?

(that borderline is just temporary as i am still editing this map)

Did you saw "PROJECT MAIN PARTS:" from the first post? That yellow build on the left is just one of underground entrances with few corridors and metro station and it already occupy 40% of original island.

There will be several military buildings and research facility's on the surface and base with size of whole original island - underground. Also is nice to spread things a bit.

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Small update:

As i have no time to play around with voxel-sniper i decided to import custom map and create relaxing, natural part of my island for other then "military-science" activities. I will do some more work to blend it more later.

It took me almost 2 days to import this 800x800 area containing more then 100 000 000 blocks on server. Btw big thx for SafeEdit - WorldEdit addon. Amazing plugin! (execute WE commands by certain number of blocks per tick)

Actual WIP-WE shot of map: (dont worry all parts of island will get dense jungle ;) )




Here beutiful video of this amazing island:

This is 1 of planned areas/features for my base. Who know what it is? ;)

(sorry for fraps in right top corner lol xD)


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  • 2 weeks later...

Small(but, but... its huge!!) update guys.

I started building core of my base but dont get too excited there is still lot of stuff to do all around. For now just scratching outside look before i really "jump" inside.

1 thing before you start faping... i am using topaz filters as tool to not unveil everything even when there is not much to hide. I love all shots i posted here and i hope its nice touch to give them small edit. Ok, ok you can continue...

So this is top floor which will serve as ventilation-control to bring fresh (or any) air to whole base. In case you are wondering or its not clear for those guys skipping original post this whole thing will be completely underground.


More open look on hill and WIP base in spoiler. Warning: SPOILER ALERT! This time with colors!


How big is this hill or how much space i have below first part?


1 of 4 Main ventilation shaft (inside corridor)


And this is nice view "outside" after you reach end of shaft on surface.

Of course there are huge metal doors to close this shaft with barbed wire on top.


Well i am too tired to explain what this is all for...


...just continue faping and dont ask...



Still looking for help guys!

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Another (mostly media) update!

This time some less metal and more natural beauty from my island...

Hot top of the hill... (is that rubber tree blocking my nice view? Cut it down!)

(part of the imported island)


Another beautiful sunrise...

(part of the imported island)


Very interesting open cave...

(part of the imported island)


Oh dont tell me you dont want to jump in that clear water and just swim!

(part of the imported island)


Enough of fancy natural shots. It can look much more realistic. Like this.

(my part of the island completely done by me)


Yes jungle must be deep!

(my part of the island completely done by me)


And dark...

(my part of the island completely done by me)


So yea if you didnt notice i added few millions of jungle trees.

(my part of the island completely done by me)


What is this extremely 1000+ blocks long tunnel under the island for? (xray view)


Maybe for this train?

Will it take few days to reach the end of it destination? Well with speed over 200km/h...


Is it minecraft? (track is getting deeper view, in case you get confused by sloped track)


Now this is mindblow journey! Such epic feel to ride in high speed. Ohhh.... <3



Special (old) shot to my show my new lights with shader... (def*ck, why isnt that right corner light working?!)


Oh god you will love this <3


Some1 stop me from posting more shots!!!

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Tonight after (not so)hard work i went for walk to get some fresh air and then i find this:

Glass wall!


There was no way in so i climb up to see whats inside. Weird looking antenna? What for? Discovery HD?


Wait i minute... i know those things... those are...


Incendiary Explosives! Many of them. But we are in forest!? Who did that?! Why!!!


ssssssssSSS!!! Baaaaaaannnngggggg!!!!


My beautiful forest NOOOOOOO!


Oh i almost forget. It was just clearing process for my "Nanodome" on surface.




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