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Twilight Portal Reset Chunk?


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Hi, I just came across a very... odd problem in my SSP world.

I had built a big house, filled it with loads of good stuff, and decided to go to the Twilight Forest to get some slime balls. I ran around in the Twilight for a while, got some stuff, and decided to head back home.

I jumped in the portal, and came out, only to see a battle tower nearby. At first I thought I had been teleported to the wrong place, but that wasn't right, I could see my Nether portal nearby. Then I realised: The chunk had somehow been replaced!

Worst of all, it was the chunk my house was on. My house, and everything in it, is gone, and in it's place is a battle tower :(

The only evidence that my house was even there is a bit of fencing which used to be the pen for my Chocobos, and some of the grass from the terraforming I did before building my house.

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I've had the exact same issue but its not to do with the Twilight Forest thats for sure. I haven't touched that mod yet and its happened on 3 different occasions in 3 different chunks that affected my home.

The latest one was the worst taking out the best part of my storage system and other important parts like an enchanting table ect.

Its a shame I love this mod collection but what's the point if hours you pour in to it can just be completely wiped.

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Earlier I performed several tests, it seems that this is related to the chunk being corrupted.

Unloading the chunk or using end/twilight portals will cause the chunk to reset.


After unloading the chunk (travelling about 64 chunks, restarting, travelling back), the chunk seemed to stay unaffected.

Placing any of the portals here would also not cause the chunk to reset in the distance.

However, placing, entering and leaving the portal in a ~16x16 region of the affected chunk, North east south west, will still reset the chunk.


Strangely enough, after opening this in MCEdit and deleting the receiving portal in twilight forest, this problem stopped occuring completely.

However, jumping back through the portal now greets me with the following error:

---- Minecraft Crash Report ----

// Uh... Did I do that?

Time: 24-7-13 20:28

Description: Unexpected error

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Already tesselating!

at net.minecraft.client.renderer.Tessellator.func_78371_b(Tessellator.java:481)

at net.minecraft.client.renderer.Tessellator.func_78382_b(Tessellator.java:471)

at net.minecraft.client.renderer.RenderGlobal.func_72718_b(RenderGlobal.java:1401)

at net.minecraft.client.renderer.EntityRenderer.func_82829_a(EntityRenderer.java:1763)

at net.minecraft.client.renderer.EntityRenderer.func_78471_a(EntityRenderer.java:1571)

at net.minecraft.client.renderer.EntityRenderer.func_78480_b(EntityRenderer.java:1122)

at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71411_J(Minecraft.java:871)

at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(Minecraft.java:760)

at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)


A detailed walkthrough of the error, its code path and all known details is as follows:


-- Head --


at net.minecraft.client.renderer.Tessellator.func_78371_b(Tessellator.java:481)

at net.minecraft.client.renderer.Tessellator.func_78382_b(Tessellator.java:471)

at net.minecraft.client.renderer.RenderGlobal.func_72718_b(RenderGlobal.java:1401)

at net.minecraft.client.renderer.EntityRenderer.func_82829_a(EntityRenderer.java:1763)

at net.minecraft.client.renderer.EntityRenderer.func_78471_a(EntityRenderer.java:1571)

-- Affected level --


Level name: MpServer

All players: 1 total; [EntityClientPlayerMP['David_Wolfe'/376, l='MpServer', x=-43,00, y=50,66, z=285,00]]

Chunk stats: MultiplayerChunkCache: 10

Level seed: 0

Level generator: ID 00 - default, ver 1. Features enabled: false

Level generator options:

Level spawn location: World: (8,64,8), Chunk: (at 8,4,8 in 0,0; contains blocks 0,0,0 to 15,255,15), Region: (0,0; contains chunks 0,0 to 31,31, blocks 0,0,0 to 511,255,511)

Level time: 933385 game time, 972175 day time

Level dimension: 0

Level storage version: 0x00000 - Unknown?

Level weather: Rain time: 0 (now: true), thunder time: 0 (now: false)

Level game mode: Game mode: creative (ID 1). Hardcore: false. Cheats: false

Forced entities: 48 total; [EntityPig['Pig'/7294, l='MpServer', x=8,03, y=63,64, z=214,94], EntityPig['Pig'/7295, l='MpServer', x=11,47, y=62,64, z=254,81], EntityBat['Bat'/7293, l='MpServer', x=12,80, y=42,68, z=206,39], EntityBat['Bat'/7280, l='MpServer', x=-16,06, y=13,31, z=221,47], EntityPig['Pig'/7281, l='MpServer', x=-0,25, y=63,64, z=208,81], EntityPig['Pig'/7271, l='MpServer', x=-26,97, y=66,64, z=342,91], EntityPig['Pig'/7270, l='MpServer', x=-22,88, y=65,64, z=333,16], EntityPig['Pig'/7269, l='MpServer', x=-21,47, y=66,64, z=326,31], EntityPig['Pig'/7268, l='MpServer', x=-25,47, y=62,64, z=315,78], EntityPig['Pig'/7267, l='MpServer', x=-28,81, y=65,64, z=218,34], EntitySheep['Sheep'/7260, l='MpServer', x=-35,56, y=66,64, z=339,34], EntityBat['Bat'/7256, l='MpServer', x=-34,75, y=42,10, z=271,75], EntityBat['Bat'/7258, l='MpServer', x=-42,06, y=58,10, z=299,91], EntityBat['Bat'/7259, l='MpServer', x=-41,49, y=44,90, z=307,22], EntityPig['Pig'/7252, l='MpServer', x=-38,84, y=66,64, z=219,97], EntityPig['Pig'/7253, l='MpServer', x=-33,94, y=66,64, z=220,03], EntityPig['Pig'/7254, l='MpServer', x=-33,78, y=65,64, z=227,38], EntityPig['Pig'/7245, l='MpServer', x=-48,84, y=67,64, z=348,97], EntityChicken['Chicken'/7244, l='MpServer', x=-60,44, y=67,75, z=345,56], EntityBat['Bat'/7243, l='MpServer', x=-61,94, y=50,10, z=295,50], EntityPig['Pig'/7242, l='MpServer', x=-48,38, y=66,64, z=230,97], EntitySheep['Sheep'/7236, l='MpServer', x=-76,53, y=62,64, z=359,72], EntityBat['Bat'/5025, l='MpServer', x=-3,51, y=14,83, z=235,76], EntityPig['Pig'/7235, l='MpServer', x=-75,13, y=70,64, z=231,19], EntityPig['Pig'/7234, l='MpServer', x=-64,50, y=68,64, z=216,97], EntityBat['Bat'/7226, l='MpServer', x=-86,25, y=55,10, z=273,25], EntitySquid['Squid'/7227, l='MpServer', x=-81,06, y=60,34, z=311,31], EntityItem['item.item.dyePowder.black'/7228, l='MpServer', x=-87,41, y=61,73, z=310,28], EntityPig['Pig'/7222, l='MpServer', x=-103,69, y=65,65, z=289,50], EntityChocoboYellow['Yellow Chocobo'/7209, l='MpServer', x=-132,66, y=56,47, z=308,34], EntityChocoboYellow['Yellow Chocobo'/7214, l='MpServer', x=-139,59, y=70,47, z=322,75], EntityChocoboYellow['Yellow Chocobo'/7213, l='MpServer', x=-139,06, y=69,47, z=326,00], BT_EntityBackItem['unknown'/7197, l='MpServer', x=-43,00, y=50,66, z=285,00], EntityPig['Pig'/7323, l='MpServer', x=33,94, y=63,64, z=258,94], EntityClientPlayerMP['David_Wolfe'/376, l='MpServer', x=-43,00, y=50,66, z=285,00], EntityBat['Bat'/7324, l='MpServer', x=37,39, y=30,75, z=343,10], EntityPig['Pig'/7296, l='MpServer', x=15,44, y=63,64, z=319,56], EntityPig['Pig'/7297, l='MpServer', x=12,78, y=63,64, z=319,94], EntityFreeFormRope['entity.RopesPlus.FreeFormRope.name'/7448, l='MpServer', x=-45,50, y=16,00, z=270,50], EntitySheep['Sheep'/7298, l='MpServer', x=0,69, y=68,64, z=359,78], EntityFreeFormRope['entity.RopesPlus.FreeFormRope.name'/7449, l='MpServer', x=-36,50, y=37,00, z=268,50], EntityPig['Pig'/7303, l='MpServer', x=29,03, y=63,64, z=216,06], EntityPig['Pig'/7304, l='MpServer', x=26,44, y=62,64, z=238,84], EntityPig['Pig'/7305, l='MpServer', x=28,78, y=63,64, z=285,19], EntityPig['Pig'/7306, l='MpServer', x=20,09, y=63,64, z=304,81], EntityBat['Bat'/7307, l='MpServer', x=32,63, y=26,80, z=330,74], EntityBat['Bat'/7308, l='MpServer', x=17,25, y=35,10, z=349,66], EntityPig['Pig'/7309, l='MpServer', x=25,69, y=68,64, z=348,50]]

Retry entities: 0 total; []


at net.minecraft.client.multiplayer.WorldClient.func_72914_a(WorldClient.java:441)

at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71396_d(Minecraft.java:2414)

at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(Minecraft.java:783)

at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

-- System Details --


Minecraft Version: 1.5.2

Operating System: Windows 7 (amd64) version 6.1

Java Version: 1.7.0_12-ea, Oracle Corporation

Java VM Version: Java HotSpot 64-Bit Server VM (mixed mode), Oracle Corporation

Memory: 1134432552 bytes (1081 MB) / 1668349952 bytes (1591 MB) up to 5726666752 bytes (5461 MB)

JVM Flags: 1 total; -Xmx6144m

AABB Pool Size: 4761 (266616 bytes; 0 MB) allocated, 486 (27216 bytes; 0 MB) used

Suspicious classes: FML and Forge are installed

IntCache: cache: 0, tcache: 0, allocated: 3, tallocated: 63

FML: MCP v7.51 FML v5.2.23.737 Minecraft Forge Optifine OptiFine_1.5.2_HD_U_D5 79 mods loaded, 79 mods active

mcp{7.51} [Minecraft Coder Pack] (minecraft.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

FML{} [Forge Mod Loader] (coremods) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

Forge{} [Minecraft Forge] (coremods) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

CodeChickenCore{} [CodeChicken Core] (coremods) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

CoFHFramework{} [CoFH Framework] (coremods) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

ImmibisMicroblocks{55.0.7} [immibis's Microblocks] (coremods) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

NotEnoughItems{} [Not Enough Items] (coremods) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

mod_bspkrsCore{v2.09(1.5.2)} [bspkrsCore] ([1.5.2]bspkrsCorev2.09.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

TreeCapitator{Forge 1.5.2.r14} [TreeCapitator] ([1.5.2]TreeCapitator.Forge.1.5.2.r14.Uni.CoreMod.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

CoFHCore{} [CoFHCore] (CoFHCore- Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

CoFHWorld{} [CoFHWorld] (CoFHCore- Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

CustomLAN{2.2} [Custom LAN Mod] (CustomPortForge.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

DynamicLights{1.2.2} [Dynamic Lights] (DynamicLights_1.5.2.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

DynamicLights_onFire{1.0.2} [Dynamic Lights on burning] (DynamicLights_1.5.2.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

DynamicLights_creepers{1.0.2} [Dynamic Lights on Creepers] (DynamicLights_1.5.2.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

DynamicLights_dropItems{1.0.4} [Dynamic Lights on ItemEntities] (DynamicLights_1.5.2.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

DynamicLights_mobEquipment{1.0.0} [Dynamic Lights on Mob Equipment] (DynamicLights_1.5.2.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

DynamicLights_flameArrows{1.0.0} [Dynamic Lights on Flame enchanted Arrows] (DynamicLights_1.5.2.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

DynamicLights_otherPlayers{1.0.4} [Dynamic Lights Other Player Light] (DynamicLights_1.5.2.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

DynamicLights_thePlayer{1.0.8} [Dynamic Lights Player Light] (DynamicLights_1.5.2.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

ImmibisMicroblocksInstallCheck{55.0.7} [immibis's Microblocks (Checks for incorrect installation, ignore this)] (immibis-microblocks-55.0.7.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

DamageIndicatorsMod{} [Damage Indicators] (1.5.2 DamageIndicators v2.7.0.1.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

AsgardShield_Core{2.0.4} [AsgardShield] (1.5.2AsgardShield_Core_2.0.4Forge.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

ASAddon_Hallowed{2.0.0} [AS Addon- Hallowed] (1.5.2ASAddonHallowed_v2.0.0Forge.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

HarkenScythe_Core{2.1.6} [HarkenScythe] (1.5.2HarkenScythe_v2.1.6Forge.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

ASAddon_HarkenScythe{2.0.0} [AS Addon- HarkenScythe] (1.5.2ASAddonHarkenScythe_v2.0.0Forge.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

ASAddon_NetherEnder{2.0.0} [AS Addon- Nether-Ender] (1.5.2ASAddonNetherEnder_v2.0.0Forge.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

ASAddon_ColorAPI{1.0.0} [ASAddon_ColorAPI] (1.5.2AsgardShield_Core_2.0.4Forge.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

BetterStorage{} [betterStorage] ([1.5.2]BetterStorage_0.6.2.23.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

mod_ArmorBarMod{0.7.1} [Armor Bar Mod] (ArmorBarv0.7.1.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

Artifice{1.5.2R1.1.2} [Artifice] (Artifice-1.1.2-142.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

ArtificeCompat|Chisel{1.5.2R1.1.2} [Artifice Compat: Chisel] (Artifice-1.1.2-142.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

ArtificeCompat|EE3{1.5.2R1.1.2} [Artifice Compat: EE3] (Artifice-1.1.2-142.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

ArtificeCompat|Forestry{1.5.2R1.1.2} [Artifice Compat: Forestry] (Artifice-1.1.2-142.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

ArtificeCompat|MFR{1.5.2R1.1.2} [Artifice Compat: MFR] (Artifice-1.1.2-142.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

ArtificeCompat|Railcraft{1.5.2R1.1.2} [Artifice Compat: Railcraft] (Artifice-1.1.2-142.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

ArtificeCompat|Vanilla{1.5.2R1.1.2} [Artifice Compat: Vanilla] (Artifice-1.1.2-142.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

Backpack{1.12.13} [backpack] (backpack-1.12.13-1.5.2.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

mod_BackTools{1.5.2v1} [mod_BackTools] (BackTools1.5.2v1.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

BattleTowers{1.3.4} [battle Towers] (BattleTowers_1.5.2.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

BetterDungeons{1.8} [better dungeons] (BetterDungeons.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

BiblioCraft{1.3.3} [biblioCraft] (BiblioCraft[v1.3.3].zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

mod_BuffBarMod{0.7.1} [buff Bar Mod] (BuffBarv0.7.1.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

ChestTransporter{1.1.6} [Chest Transporter] (chestTransporter_1.1.6_Universal.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

DimDoors{1.5.2R1.4.1RC1} [Dimensional Doors] (DimensionalDoors-1.5.2R1.4.1RC1-194.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

eplus{1.15.4} [Enchanting Plus] (EnchantingPlus-1.15.4.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

ExtrabiomesXL{3.13.4} [ExtrabiomesXL] (ExtrabiomesXL-universal-1.5.2-3.13.4.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

hexxitgear{1.5.2R1.0} [Hexxit Gear] (HexxitGear-1.0-23.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

ImmibisCore{55.1.6} [immibis Core] (immibis-core-55.1.6.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

InfernalMobs{1.3.1} [infernal Mobs] (InfernalMobs_1.5.2.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

inventorytweaks{1.54b} [inventory Tweaks] (InventoryTweaks-1.54b.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

MapWriter{2.0} [MapWriter] (mapwriter-2.0.5.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

Meteors{2.10.2} [Falling Meteors] (Meteors Mod V2.10.2.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

More Bows{1.5_v1} [More Bows mod] (More bows 1.5.2_2 Forge.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

Natura{2.1.2} [Natura] (Natura_2.1.2.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

Natura|CompatMineFactoryReloaded{0.1} [Natura compat: MFR] (Natura_2.1.2.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

NEIPlugins{} [NEI Plugins] (NEIPlugins- Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

LegendGear{1.5.2} [LegendGear] (NMcCoy-LegendGear-1.5.2.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

ObsidiPlates{1.5.0} [Obsidian Pressure Plates] (obsidiplates-1.5.2-universal- Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

OffLawn{1.0} [offLawn] (OffLawn-1.5.1.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

ProjectZulu|Core{} [Project Zulu Core] (ProjectZuluCompletev1.0.3.8.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

ProjectZulu|Blocks{} [Project Zulu Block and Items] (ProjectZuluCompletev1.0.3.8.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

ProjectZulu|Dungeon{} [Project Zulu Mobs] (ProjectZuluCompletev1.0.3.8.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

ProjectZulu|Mobs{} [Project Zulu Mobs] (ProjectZuluCompletev1.0.3.8.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

ProjectZulu|World{} [Project Zulu World] (ProjectZuluCompletev1.0.3.8.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

xreliquary{1.5.2} [Xeno's Reliquary] (Reliquary1.0.6d.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

RopesPlus{1.4.0} [Ropes+] (RopePlus_1.5.2.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

rftl{1.0} [RottenFleshToLeather] (RottenFleshToLeather-1.5.1.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

AS_Ruins{10.3} [Ruins Spawning System] (Ruins_1.5.2.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

secretroomsmod{4.6.0} [secretRoomsMod] (SecretRoomsMod-universal- Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

mod_SmartMoving{14.0} [smart Moving] (Smart Moving Universal for ModLoader or Minecraft Forge or MCPC+.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

mod_SmartRender{1.1} [smart Render] (Smart Moving Universal for ModLoader or Minecraft Forge or MCPC+.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

SoulShards{1.0.16} [soul Shards] (SoulShards-1.0.36-universal-srg.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

TConstruct{1.5.1_1.4.0} [Tinkers' Construct] (TConstruct_1.4.0.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

TConstruct|CompatMineFactoryReloaded{0.1} [TConstruct Compat: MFR] (TConstruct_1.4.0.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

TwilightForest{1.18.1} [The Twilight Forest] (twilightforest-1.18.1.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

weaponmod{1.5.2 v1.12.0} [balkon's WeaponMod] (WeaponMod v1.12.0_srg.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

WildCaves3{0.4.2} [Wild Caves 3] (WildCaves3-0.4.2.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

chococraft{2.8.8} [Torojima's ChocoCraft] (zzzChococraft_2.8.8.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available->Available

LWJGL: 2.4.2

OpenGL: GeForce GTX 260/PCIe/SSE2 GL version 3.3.0, NVIDIA Corporation

Is Modded: Definitely; Client brand changed to 'fml,forge'

Type: Client (map_client.txt)

Texture Pack: LSP.zip

Profiler Position: N/A (disabled)

Vec3 Pool Size: 185 (10360 bytes; 0 MB) allocated, 126 (7056 bytes; 0 MB) used

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Thanks David, glad to see some troubleshooting happening.

I deleted my old SSP world, because I wondered if it had something to do with being called the default name, and the files being confused with an older version of a SSP world.

Would you say it was safe to play as long as you don't place your twilight portal in the same 16x16 chunk? I mean, it might still reset the chunk, but at least it won't wipe your entire base off the map!

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I'll see what I can do about making a non crash prone guide to this.

Considering you probably wont have an enderportal in your base I don't think I'll go after a fix for that.



Alright, so after numerous tests, it doesn't appear to be is hard as I thought it would be.


First thing first, close the portal in both the twilight forest and your base. Do this MANUALLY (so with a warping plugin, or MCEdit to move the player character between dimensions).


Second, move your portal 12 steps in any direction (not counting up or down) and place it down again.


Enter the portal, if this works, there's no problem.

If you go back and the game crashes, teleport to the twilight forest either with a warp plugin or with MCEdit, disrupt the portal and create it again (preferably the exact same spot) and it should allow you to freely warp back and forth again.


I'll test now if it works for the original position.


After edit:

Testing this with the original position still caused the game to crash, unfortunately.


Attempted to delete DIM 7 and creating the same portal, caused the chunk to STILL be cleared,

however, moving the portal 12 steps as mentioned before doesn't result in any problems like this.

Disregard, only saved for reference.

Aaaaaaannd it's gone:

After a 3 hour session in the twilight forest, I attempted to go back, followed by a crash and the chunk being lost again.

Forget it, this doesn't work. Might as well just start over completely.

If you are reading this and are in a persistent SSP world you absolutely do not want to 'do over', save your DIM1 folder inside your world's save folder everytime before you jump OUT of twilight forest, that way you can just teleport out, then splash the old DIM1 folder right onto it and restart.

Either that, or use MCEdit and copy over all the chunks you would like to save with the export/import function and paste it in a newly generated world. I'm not certain that this will work but for some reason I think it's related to the seed.

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It looks like GenerikB experienced something similar in his livestream. He cleared out a castle and moved all his stuff in there, and then went to the Nether, where he died (I think). When he came back a battle tower had spawned right in the middle of his castle, taking all of his stuff with it.

Video is here

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That's also a common issue, older versions of better dungeons and battle towers directly spawning stuff in an occupied chunk.

This, in fact, is also deemed to be the cause of what crashes most hexxit servers (apparently moreso than unloaded chunks popping out and the usage of the stupid enderbow).

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Hey, I really doubt this is the solution to all, but it seemingly has been the solution for me.

My brother and I were able to replicate the chunk reset to the T by using a portal log-in/log-out system. Through the basic process of elimination, we found out that when the mod "SecretRooms" was disabled, the chunk reset/error/whatever stopped doing its dreaded griefing.

We're still on the look out and are very hesitant to let our guard down, so there will be continuous backups. But in the mean time, it seems as if we've solved our problem. I really hope this helps someone else.

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I was afraid SecretRooms had something to do with it, because I also noticed it started behaving this way AFTER secretrooms was added. I tried building a fake base filled with secretroom items but it never occured there, yet whiped my base the second I built secretroom stuff in it.

Unfortunately, my base has secrets built around the secretrooms mod...

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I've had the same problem happen. It was also after the update that added secretrooms. It happened when I made a trip into the nether and came back, a battletower had spawned inside of my base, destroying much, including my locker full of weapons and armor. I had my save to before the update and lost a couple hours of work.

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This happened to a couple of my players. We think it mostly occurs in areas where a structure was generated by the mod. So my players avoid building in towers or castles that they have conqured. We also think that building high above the ground or really deep will prevent this sort of destruction, but it could also be pure luck.

Anyone know if there is a height/depth that is immune to "battle tower griefing"? Anyone see a battletower spawn in an area that didnt already have some mod created structure?

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We think it mostly occurs in areas where a structure was generated by the mod.

I've even built in towers, right next to towers and inside cities and never faced this problem in that specific area...

We also think that building high above the ground or really deep will prevent this sort of destruction...

... My base went all the way down to bedrock and it still was destroyed.

This is not a problem with dungeons being generated in this area, as some have already noticed, it's a conflict between other dimensions and for some reason secretrooms, it corrupts the chunk on the way back, having it freshly generated (deleting everything in the process) and then occassionaly it'll plop down a battletower there. So far in multiple tests I've had the following spawns:

-Battle towers

-Dimensional door




so I'd almost 100% dare to say it has nothing to do with dungeons being generated.

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So this is happening in multiplayer too? On the SMP server I play on, I fixed up one of those "ruined" battle towers (the six-floor ones made from a mix of cobble and mossy cobble). I have a twilight portal on a chunk adjacent to the chunk the tower spawned on and a nether portal four chunks away. I also have several Secret Rooms blocks in and near the chunk the tower spawned on, but even after using the nether and twilight portals a lot, I've never had any chunk respawn on me.

Edit: However, no Secret Rooms blocks happen to be in a chunk containing either a twilight or nether portal. Maybe that has something to do with it?

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Like David said, I really don't think it has anything to do with dungeons, or even battletowers for that matter. Through some of my own tests, (on a LAN server) my brother and I kept messing around in other dimensions, logging in and logging out, then exiting the dimensions to either crash or lag. After said crash or lag there would always be a fresh chunk (sometimes with a battletower) right smack in the middle of our base, much to our chagrin. But after disabling SecretRooms, the error/crash completely stopped. We've been playing for hours since with little to no problems. I wish I knew how far spread this problem was, but considering the scarcity of bugs, it seems fairly large.

Edit: I would be remiss if I didn't mention that we did have at least two blocks from SecretRooms in the chunk that would get reset/overwritten.

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I was playing with capsules and i was tiking my problem was because of the capsules but what you say was true i didnt realise that was the secret blocks that i have in my base that was causing that problem.

Everitime i build my house over again i did put the blocks in the same place.

My Savefile now is fine at least for a while i havent experienced any bugs animore.

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