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I think thaumcraft isn't in hexxit is becuase hexxit is cheap and a little op and it would spawn those totums and hills

and those can spawn with random loot thats may why it isn't in it

Or perhaps it's because the mod author has said (as I quoted) it's already in the packs I want, no more

No permission = Not included

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Thaumcraft and Hexxit work well together. I'm currently playing it on MonkyD's Server http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/1-0-7-monkyds-thaumcraft-in-my-hexxit.52245/

If anyone wants to join apply for whitelisting in the thread.

As for why its not included: Maxis said it all. No permission to add.

And in my opinion not needed, it's easy to make custom Hexxit/Whatever servers.

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funny thing is,

when you watch the server command screen as it loads up hexxit. you will see it say something like Thaumcraft item ....missing...

skipping lines....thaumcraft blah blah...not loaded.

Maybe they intended to use it at one point, so its in the code somehow...somewhere. but then it was removed due to conflicts or making hexxit to OP like the other guy said?

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