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Erik Mancha

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He technically can, but it's not going to be pleasant for anyone involved.

Exactly. That's exactly what Cheap doesn't want to happen. I am a mod on my own server's forums, and from experience, the process is dirty. I, as a user of these forums, do not want otherwise good threads ruined by some kid who isn't man enough to leave. Spam is a thing I am less interested to see, and if the poster of said spam is trying to get a reaction, that is "Feeding the Trolls". And if he got his account taken down for anything other than breaking the rules, he would probably say he is going to sue, despite the forums being a free service he was unwilling to use. I know people like that, the type of people who get your e Mail and spam you for the rest of your life. Cheap is too busy to deal with "legal trolls" that don't know the difference between a lawyer and an accountant. If he is banned either way, he would probably create an issue either way. If my views may appear slightly extreme, do forgive me, but I have had trouble with this type of person before.


Edit: Sorry Neo, didn't see your post when commenting. But as I explained in my comment, some people truly are the bane of a civilised internet.


Edit Edit: A civilised internet? HA! The mere suggestion would create a dilation of the universe.

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