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Need help with teleporting redstone signals


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Because wireless redstone is no longer in play, I need a new way to transfer redstone signals wirelessly through teleportation. I have come up with one system that works, but it doesn't work very well. Basically I have a pump with 3 redstone engines around it and a lever on top. I pull the lever to power the engines and activate the pump, which pumps out water from an infinite water source into a phased waterproof pipe. The phased waterproof pipe teleports the water to another phased waterproof pipe where I want to send a redstone signal. The water then goes from the receiving phased pipe into a redstone waterproof pipe, which activates the signal, and then into a void waterproof pipe to dispose of the water. I have spot loaders in both areas. Overall, I activate a pump which sends water from an infinite water source into a redstone waterproof pipe and then disposes of the water.

Is there an item I'm missing or a much simpler way to teleport redstone signal?

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waterproof switch pipe to divert the water between the phased pipe and a void pipe, on the sending end. That way you can have the pump always running at full speed(ish). Would give you a more consistent redstone signal on the receiving end. Then the switch pipe would be your on/off point instead of the pump and engines. That's about all I can think of atm.


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Yeah you can teleport a redstone signal with tesseract, bc pipes and gates. Connect two tesseracts to eachother, connect a bc pipe of choice to the tesseract's or just on the recieving side. Put gates on the pipes. IF you have a gate on the sending tesseract config the gate to send a redstone signal. Default setting on tesseract is that they are on when not having a redstonesignal it will turn off when getting a redstone signal. On the recieving tesseract config the gate for the "No Input link" - "sending a redstone signal" setting. When the sending tesseract gets a redstone signal it will shut off and cutting the link between the tesseract's. When the gate on the recievent detects that the tesseract arent connected any longer it sends a redstone signal.


Using pipewires you can teleport up to 16 different redstone signal using 4 pairs of tesseract's since gates can detect if a pipewire are on and of. 4 colours of pipewire and they can be on or off gives 4^2 = 16 different signals you can teleport.

I use that to automaticly pull sappling's and seeds from my mianstorage that are 1200 blocks away from my lokal storage near my biofuel powerplant when it needs to restock itself.

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badkruka's solution is awesome and easy.

But.... If you want a really complicated solution that requires a ton of setup work, coding and won't work across dimensions try wireless rednet and computercraft. You can then transmit over a wireless network.

I love computercraft, tons of fun.


Since you seem to like complicated solutions you maybe will like my project I'm working on. :)

http://imgur.com/a/TqUuY (The three first pics are from an earlier stage of the project)

Have 20 working parts now and have build out and working on the code to put together whole machines and stuff. I use computer's to send redstone signals throu rednet cables. Connected to autaric gates to pull from chests and BC switch pipes so the stuff pulled from the chests ends up at the right Cyclic Assembler.

Have a lan network for the computers to talk to eachother. The build are stanging still atm since I trying to digg into Lua since I haven't coded anything except some turtle programs before.

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I love complicated solutions. Very nice. We're using AE to do all of our automation.

But, we've been diving into computercraft for more interesting projects like power management, and mob farm management.

Our base is quite large, so I quickly ran into the wired network limit on CC. So I started diving into rednet. I'm using Lyqyd's Rednet API, which takes a lot of the complexity out of long range networks. It handles all routing, host management/lookup etc. I've been writing server and control programs lately.

Check out Lyqyd's API here:


My Wireless peripheral API here:


My github repo here where we're pulling it all together.


Now that we've sucessfully hijacked this thread ;)

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Sweet guys, thanks. All of the answers worked, but it seemed that the later ones mentioned had the quickest response time (thanks badkruka). As for computercraft and rednet, I've researched much about computercraft and next to nothing about rednet, but I just so happen to be a coder (JS, JQuery, HTML, CSS, PHP and a little C++). I always like complicated solutions, but I'm implementing this idea into a survival server, so the less materials and complications it takes to make, the better.

I was a big fan of computercraft for awhile and then I stopped using it as much. I'll research rednet (I've seen some of the items and it was clear to me that it required some complexity when I first looked at it) and get back into computercraft for some advanced tekkit systems.

As for AE -- it's probably my favorite mod in all of tekkit. The ability to store all items in one place and wirelessly access them from anywhere within the vicinity with wireless access terminals and points is incredible, truly genius work. This combined with the ability to automatically make (craft, smelt, induction smelt, pulverize, etc) any item without lifting a finger is extremely useful.

For anyone who knows little about applied energistics (AE), computercraft, and rednet, I suggest you research it before going any further -- they are extremely useful.

Once again, thanks for the ideas guys.

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