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With a lot of the regulars here, there are several fictions and creative short stories that go on between members. Many of these are comedic, but the characters always maintain their persona. Now my question is, what is your persona? Who is your fictional character in which you help to shape the fiction that is the online world. I'm not asking for a "Oh I'm a funny guy." I am looking for a creation story. Something that shows who your character is, not just saying it aloud.

Lets be creative and have some fun here! Who are you Technic?

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A cold arctic wind swept the bare tundra, kicking up dust devils of snow and filling the air with a white haze. This land was the closest, yet furthest thing to Hell on Earth.

In the distance, a figure could be seen trudging through the knee deep snow. The wind licked at the figure, pelting it with snow and ice. At a distance, it was hard to make out where the figure was headed, but when observed more closely, it was clear that it was moving with purpose. But what was this purpose? After a few more steps, the figure stopped and looked around itself, checking to make sure it had not been followed. It raised an arm, sheathed in a thin parka. The hand of the individual could now be seen as the sleeve was pulled towards its shoulder with the slow movement.

The hand gleamed and hinted sharpness at its tips. It had a look that spoke command and leadership. The slight dents and furrows of charging into battle, and of lives ended at its grasp. It gleamed with the polish of victory. It was not a hand of kindness and mercy, it was a hand of war, death, and destruction. Yet it moved with a delicate grace, the uncurling of its fingers was slow and precise, hinting deliberation in all its actions. This was not a hand one dared not trifle with.

The now outstretched hand was palm up, as if waiting for something to be given to it. It was easy to imagine God himself coming down from the heavens to give something to the powerful figure. Somehow, this did not occur and the figure remained alone.

After a time, the fingers of the hand curled back slowly with deliberation as if closing on a small, valuable object. It then brought the imaginary object towards its chest. As the hand touched the figures chest, the wind died down, and the snow devils settled. It was as if the world held its breath in anticipation of the figure's next action.

"Sempre, vigile." The figure boomed, its voice artificially enhanced to sound godlike. The cold, still air allowed the voice to carry for a vast distance. Anyone who could have heard it would have heard it as the voice of God himself.

When the distant echos finally subsided, the figure stepped forward, and vanished into the cold thin air. The wind then picked back up, pushing snow up into a blizzard once more. Mother Nature had heeded to honor this individual, but moved back at if nothing had happened at all.

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I am the infamous Sky Captain Rich "Maximillian Valentine" Yard. After the tragic loss of my beloved ship, the S.S. Friendship, I swore vengeance on the heathen that had destroyed it. Thus, I "disappeared" after the ships death, being considered lost in the crash, and secretly began to amass wealth and power. Years after that battle I reemerged, stronger and more powerful than ever before. Appearing within the main city of the Lands of Technic, I confronted the council on the deteriorating state of security within the lands. Hours of bickering behind closed doors, I finally came out, with a security contract in my hands. I used my new found wealth and power to assemble "The Teckertons," a powerful private military firm. We have protected the Lands of Technic from the Villainous Mataroyale for many years now, and will continue until either side has been defeated.

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My name is Mata. I go by several personas, each lasting no more than a several weeks. I sneak through the shadows, materializing when only I see fit. My motives are for myself and myself only. Only one thing I will divulge: Only when the forums falls will I truly depart from the dark corner from which I call home.

butts butts butts butts butts butts butts

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A cold arctic wind swept the bare tundra, kicking up dust devils of snow and filling the air with a white haze. "It seem like finnish spring is on it's way out there!" my friend shouted. Sitting in the sauna after a day of hard work, we all drank and joked about everything between heaven and earth. It's a celebratory occasion, as I'm spending my last day near home before enlisting on the air-ship S.S Friendship under the command of the Omaorb Richs_Yard. We all thought it would be nigh on risk-free, as it wasn't supposed to sail in dangerous skies, and because I'd prepared a magical pendant for myself, to be reanimated with my own soul inside my own, healed body in case of an accident.

6 months after the launch, I'm sitting in my bunk bed, listening to the starboard engines roar. I think I've done a good job so far, even if I've not been called upon to do anything except to fix some leaking pipes. I spend my free time learning the guitar, playing cards with the crew or surfing the web whenever we're flying over a place with wifi to hack. I find myself content with my situation, but I'm glad I'll be able to rejoin my friends and family in just 8 months.

10 months after the launch, I wake up to cannonfire. I rush out from my bed and up to the main deck, thinking it must be some pirates trying to get lucky. When I open the trapdoor and rush out, I cannot help but stare, as I see a full-sized grade A fighter vessel floating over us. Our captain has manned the craft himself, and is desperately trying to outmanoeuvre the fighter. But the crew has panicked, I see our second officer lying on the deck, his skull split in half. The fighter lowers to give us a full broadside, I see the name of it, S.S Mataroyale. "How the hell did a fighter that big sneak up on us?" is my last thought before our ship is blown to pieces, and me with it.

The hunger, the bottomless HUNGER! I wake up lying in a forest, feeling like I haven't eaten since the day I was born. It's like my very soul is hungry for something. I get myself together, and look around. I remember nothing at first, but then I remember my own death. I look at my body to see if the healing was complete, only to see that my skin has turned rotten and green, and I have open wounds. How did this happen? I search for the reanimation pendant, and find it in a nearby rag, from my clothes. It has turned half black, half purple. Weird. It's like some foreign magic has interfered with my own. I slowly realize that I haven't actually been healed, just reanimated like a common zombie, but with a bit of brain intact.

I wander about for a while, searching for nothing, when I find my portable computer just lying there, in the forest. How did it survive where I did not? I go to it, to see if it's power core has enough juice in it for an emergency broadcast. I boot it up, and move the mouse over the power symbol. "Estimated time left: infinity". It seem whatever foreign magic messed with my reanimation pendant also messed with the power core of the computer. Full of hope, I start to send a message, as the boosted core seems to have made my machine able to connect to wireless networks miles away. I type "Stuck in the forest with these coordinates", but when I reach out to press the enter key, I look at my partially decomposed hands. What would be my fate if others were to find me in this state? Would I be subject to painful experiments, or even killed? I almost start to cry, but then I realize I have an immortal body and a gaming computer with infinite energy and internet access, and I just sit down on a fallen tree, and begin to play steam games.

It has been 3 months since the S.S Friendship was shot down, and I'm still on the same log, still gaming. In a body that has no physical needs, but cannot be near humans without devouring them. I will never see my family or friends again, I'll never be able to enjoy food or drink again, but I will game into eternity. This forest is the closest, yet furthest thing to Hell on Earth

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I actualy have 3 regular characters, so let's go over it:

Vitorsly Cooperbuscus:

1985, slowly sailing in from deep space to the solar system a ship of Sirens (2 meter-tall winged humanoids of amazing beauty, who have roamed inter-stellar space for over 10,000 years)aproaches the planet of earth. After experimenting with the human genome for 12 years, they drop the first succesful Human-Siren Hybrid cell into the uterus of a human woman who, in 19 July 1997 was born as a human with an abnormally well connected brain. Years pass as he forms a secret laboratory, teaches his younger brother on the ways of science, forms a Mega-Corporation (MetaCorp) and manages to create portals into 4 different solar systems.

When he's not waging war against Constructo (another corporation created by his backstabbing younger brother know as Mikel) and Finish ( a team of ancient powerful aliens, crazed timelords, giant mechs and jealous Youtube editors and lead by a British bigot names Charles) or trying to develop Anti-Matter/Strange Matter alloys powered by Nitron he is an average teen going to school and surfing the web.

Commander Thundersock: A Raccon(read about the origin of spacefaring raccoons at http://forums.playstarbound.com/index.php?threads/raccoons-and-pandas-origins.3799/ ) residing in Calen ( one of the planets owned by MetaCorp) he is a ruthless general who coomands the raccons of Calen back into their home planet and defeat the red pandas.

Goblin 377: Maybe Later.

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Hope i'm not Necroing or whathave you (This thread is  on page one, So i imagined it'd be alright). If I understand this thread's premise correctly, My "Persona" Here is Las Lindas's (s'?, Dang apostrophes!)  Era, Whom is a "Resident spirit", versatile, personal servants that harmonize with their owner to better understand their needs. I'm not a hundred percent sure that i'm correct in posting what i'm posting where i'm posting, I have a big long text chunk of explanation  that i won't post without a go-ahead from somebody else

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Melfice Silesius, General of the Armies, Master Tactician and Strategist.

Awarded lordship of a small town, renamed Silesius, on a contested border which he then fortified and turned into a thriving trade city. Through conquest came into lordship of the neighbouring town of Indori, which was then kept as a sister city and defensive fort to Silesius as part of peace negotiations.

Essentially, Silesius and Indori are neutral ground between the countries, and Melfice is sworn to uphold the peace, despite his main role as the general of generals of his king's armies.


Next to his own appointed troops, the army contained in both fortresses is a volunteer's legion, and many apply for a position due to the high prestige and excellent pay.


Some swear Melfice must have been born to the God of War, for his abilities in combat and the arts of war, but none can confirm this...


EDIT: Overpowered? Yes. This is a rewrite of the original story, which involved divine intervention.

But I like it enough to not care.

Edited by Melfice
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