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A Few Comments on Ore Generation Balancing


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Been playing the pack for about 12 hours now, mainly mining. I've noticed a couple of little nit picking points that would make the modpack even more suitable for quick progression. Of course, this is all just personal taste, but I think it would help in the ultimate goal of a video-friendly modpack.

1) Lapis is less common than it ought to be. It's obviously a crazy world if I have found more diamonds than I have lapis.

2) Project Red gems are hard to come by I find. If i ever got into micro-blocks, I imagine this would be inhibiting.

3) Ferrous ore could do with a little more spawning, given it's importance towards the end of TE.

4) (Totally unimportant observation warning) Silver seems a fair bit rarer than lead. Whenever I've played TE in the past, they've always been balanced pretty much the same. This might just be my perception, but is it possible that perhaps lead overrides silver blocks at generation? It's not a huge deal, as I use lead more than silver anyway, but just in case it's not on purpose...

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IMO the ore gen needs to be toned down a bit. Its way overpowered, just digging a single staircase down and mining the ores on the walls I was able to get a stack of diamonds, tons of copper / tin / iron / aluminium and about a half stack of lapis all before hitting level 30. Lapis is definitely more common than default ore gen. Didnt see any Ferrous ore, but that has always been difficult to find.

I hope they release a 'normal' ore gen config eventually, I've already changed it for myself, but would be nice to get an official one.

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Yeah, but the modpack's about fun, not game progression. I don't think anyone would deny that when modpacks start going into gregtech territories they just become grindy as hell. This way youtubers don't have to spend hours upon hours just searching for ores (or minding their quarries) in order to put out a sparse episode.

But yeah, maybe it would be nice to get the ore height limits back into the game. The only reason I ever travel below y:30 is to get lava.

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Our goal with Attack of the B-Team was make something that the B-Team would like to stream, and that meant high oregen, along the lines of Hexxit.  I was actually asked to crank it up a bit and so I did.  That said, this pack fills a similar role in my mind as Big Dig- for me, Big DIg was always about letting me quickly try out a bunch of smaller oddball mods that I didn't have enough time to try out, and I think that B-Team fulfills that role better than BD ever did.  It also has a more well-designated niche, whereas Big Dig was a bizarre amalgamation of tekkit, hexxit, and random crap.


That said, the ore config is in there and can be worked on by anyone who wants fewer ores, particularly server owners.  We're probably not going to release an "official" low oregen pack, because the pack as distributed is the official.  If you want a more metered experience with tech tiers, that's what Tekkit is for, and if it's not doing it for you at current, I'd rather address that than turn B-Team into Tekkit.

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