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Tekkit for minecraft 1.7.2/1.7.4


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No problem with your English, but you really should read the rules here.  People always want to ask about ETAs (when is it going to be done) and the best answer to that is: "it will be done when it's done."


But I can tell you that they're just getting things up and running >with 1.6.4 so I would give it a long while before even thinking about 1.7.X versions.

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1.7 is really, REALLY painful. The deobfuscation data Forge ships with misses around half the callbacks I use in Gizmos, so instead of working on making stuff I get to spend my time figuring out what the heck func_15373_s does. I doubt there'll be enough Forge mods for a decent modpack until March or April, unless 1.8 drops before then.

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