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Server lag woes; help requested


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A friend's private Tekkit server has been experiencing severe lag for nearly a week now. We've hunted down and broken all of the random quarries on the map with no effect. When I ran JProfiler attached to the server, "appeng.common.grid.MEUpdateRequest" seems to be the culprit, but we can't figure out how to prevent it from leaking. Watching JProfiler, the Instance count for this class will gradually grow from ~6.3 million to 40+ million, taking over half of the four gigs of RAM devoted to the server's operation. The count will then crash back down to ~6.3 million and the cycle will begin again. "java.util.LinkedList$Node" exhibits similar behavior and is likely being driven by MEUpdateRequest.


My questions are as follows:

What is MEUpdateRequest? Does it have anything to do with Applied Energistics? What can we do to knock out or control this lag?


At times, the server is downright unplayable and our friends are getting frustrated. We've taken steps to minimize the number of running machines while people are logged off, but this MEUpdateRequest leak occurs with nobody online.


Please help.

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To add another wrinkle to this, we used /dimanc override to cut down on a particularly ambitious friend's use of loaded chunks and, after restarting, MEUpdateRequests and LinkedList stayed low. Shortly after the server owner went and visited the aforementioned friend's place, MEUpdate and LinkedList spiked again. After leaving (also after being kicked), the cycle began again.

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Perhaps a tip, so far when non error lag was on my server it was up to one of these things : (causing massive cpu usage and mem usage)

- logistic systems backing up in import or export pipes (empty pipes, check how connected)

- logistic systems backing up in a receive only tesseract (break and place tesseract, check logistics)

- phased transport pipe at frequency 0 sending and another phased transport pipe at another frequency receiving near it receiving items would glitch items through the air into the 0 frequency pipe

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