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Removing NEI To Replace With TMI


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Just an honest question, because I'm utterly confused:


Why would you ever want to go back to Too Many Items? Not Enough Items is the superior one of the two, in my opinion.


TMI is better than NEI in my opinion, with the feature to save items in the favorites slot, make fireworks, and enchant up to level 127, it is superior to NEI you can just get craft guide or a similar mod to replace NEI, because thats pretty much its only advantage over to TMI, if an advantage at all, plus TMI updates quicker than NEI and is A LOT easier to install. just my opinion though

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You can do the same with NEI, whilst in cheat mode, hit the X key. Plus, TMI doesn't show recipes. And if you go into cheat mode, you can use save slots. And NEI is a lot easier to install, because it uses Forge, if you use Modloader still, you must live under a rock. Modloader is for the people who don't know how to properly install Mods. Just search up a simple YouTube video and see how NEI is easier to install and is superior over TMI. And yes, TMI updates quicker, it's because it has less code that needs updated. NEI has quite a bit of code that usually takes tedious work to update. NEI - Superior, Has Different Modes, Easier to install ( If you take the time to learn which pays off in the long run) and allows many impossibilities. TMI - Larger selection of things to do I.E. Firework customization, Enchant up to 127, Faster To Update, Harder to Install. In the long run, NEI is better. My argument is valid and I am finished here.

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We can answer a simple question, but you aren't asking a simple question.  NEI is there and does everything you need and more (at least, it sounds like it) and you are wanting to go through the somewhat complex task of replacing it.


You are welcome to your own opinion but if it was such a simple task you wouldn't be asking...


I'm assuming you're playing single-player as anything else would cause lots of issues with configuring both the client and the server.  I don't even know if this will work, as I'm not really motivated to try it and troubleshoot it -- but I suppose you could go into the ".technicmodpacksattack-of-the-bteammods" folder and remove neiplugins.jar and notenoughitems.jar files and drop in your own TMI files.  I think you also have to clear the "cache" folder because I think that's what finds and helpfully replaces the NEI files after you delete them.  And if TechnicLauncher asks you if you want to update you need to say no.


There's prob more to it than that, but as I said...  I'm not really feeling like troubleshooting this myself.

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