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For some reason, when ever I try to goto the Promised Land with the Biomes o' plenty mod. I get a HUGE lag spike and usually it crashes the game. Anyone have an idea why I can't do anything. I would hate to see my work to find all those gems goto waste...

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Problem with Promised Land is that you enter the world high in the sky, which means you will instantly generate a ton of blocks in your FoV.
You could try to tone down view distance but Promised Land is very lag sensitive. There are tons of butterflies and such flying around.

If you are in singleplayer make sure you have world type selected to Biomes o plenty.

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open a random folder on your computer and in the address bar type in %appdata% 

then open .technicmodpacksattack-of-the-bteamconfigbiomesoplenty

open ids.cfg with notepad++ find Pixie ID and change it to "0" then save it

this will fox the lag problem

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