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Texturepacks + Tekkit = ?


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Hey guys!

I would really appriciate any help you can give me on this matter. 
A year ago or something me and my friends played Voltz with Sphax texture pack. 
We wanted to do this again but now for some reason we cant get the texture packs to work.

What ive been doing so far is:
1. Download 128x Sphaxpurebdcraft.
2. %appdata% -> texturepack
3. Open technic launcher
4. Run Tekkit
5. Open Texture pack in options
6. Nothing happens...

I might very well be missing a step or two here but i really cant find any help on the web.

Do i have to find an old texture pack? Do i have to change the build in the technic launcer? 

Please help.

Have a nice day!

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